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    • tammylouiseg

      I’m not positive were these facts came from or perhaps its simply because those little pies do not show that only 3% of the billions raised for this disease go to research or support for those whom are actually going to lose the fight to this disease.. As an individual with stage IV breast cancer to my bones,liver,brain and now lungIbelieve researchingacure by far surpasses the need for discovering where it comes from asishouldnt according to statistics even be battling this disease.. The sadder side thats not shown in that pie up there is that despite all the billions raised the survival rates for this disease have not changed nor increased in the past 20yrs. despite the billions that have been raised and spent to spread aboutabunch of pink ribbons and useless chochkeys we see everywhere during the month of October..Ithink people need to wake up to the reality that this disease is on the rise just like every other cancer due to many issues in our society and focus on the cure and treatment of this disease.. This article saddens me that people would ignore once again how little goes to the research of actually savingalife and try to shift it towards findingacause toadisease that has elluded scientists for years if they could findacause no cancers would exist itsasilly notion at best.. We needacure not wasted money trying to spread awareness or findacause as people are dying everyday!!

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