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15 Things Every Black College Student Can Relate To

If you're a minority on campus, your college experience is probably a little different from everyone else's.

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1. Being the only black person in your class.

2. Which leads to being expected to represent your race in class.

3. Being followed by public safety officers.

4. Or actually being carded.

Adding insult to injury, they'll let the barely dressed white girls walk by without a flinch.

5. Other students trying to relate to you by "acting black."

6. Your roommate suddenly becoming obsessed with black culture.

7. You seem to be the only one who notices cultural appropriation during Halloween.

8. White frat parties...enough said.

9. Black Greek life being a spectacle.

10. Constantly being asked if you play sports.

Especially if you're tall, male, AND black.

11. Being mistaken for that other black kid.

Because you all look alike...

12. The challenges of interracial dating.

Like not being sure if the other person really likes you, or just wants you because you're black.

Or other blacks chastising your interracial relationship.

13. Trying to get support on social justice issues when the students care more about saving the campus coffee cart so they can get their boba.

14. Or simply feeling completely out of your element.

15. On the upside, there are some perks to being one of few blacks on campus.

Like exclusive access to parties with music you can actually dance to.

Or scholarships to help a brotha/sista out.

Or food hookups from the black cafeteria lady who is more like an auntie to you.

And networking opportunities that could lead you to the job you're working so hard in college for.

So hang in there. And stay black and proud!

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