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How To Make Cats Like You

Cats are tricky animals to get on your side. It takes a bit of reverse psychology. dog site.

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Cats have a variety of personalities but they are all basically the same when you really break them down.  You’ll hear some owners talking about how their cat is the friendliest and loves everyone.  Then you’ll hear other owners talking about how shy their cat is.  No matter what kind of cat you’re living with in your household, these tips should help you to be on your way to a better relationship with them.

* Cats like to do things on their own terms.  Do not go hunting down your cat in your home.  This will only steer them away time and time again. 

* Keep the noise level down.  If you’re screaming with excitement (or for that fact, rage), the cat is going to want nothing to do with you.

* Use food as a tool.  If you’re in charge of feeding the cat, that’s a huge plus.  Get the cat on some kind of schedule so they’ll come to wherever you feed them at a certain time, excepting food.  Once you have that down, require some sort of attention before you actually feed them.  If the cat is sitting there expecting food, pick them up and pet them for two minutes or just give them some sort of positive attention.  Return the cat to where it was, and feed them immediately.  This will condition them to think that this attention is just another thing they have to go through in order to be fed.

* Ignore the cat.  As mentioned earlier, cats like to do things on their own terms.  Don’t go after them, don’t call for them.  Do feed them, don’t ignore them in such a negative way.  Do not go out of your way to get their attention.  Instead, when the cat does come over to you, pet them a little bit but leave them wanting more.  Be a little bit of tease with an attitude of, “I don’t need you”.

* As a last resort, you can try to bribe the cat over to you with catnip.  Most cats love the stuff.  If you have it, then what’s not to love?  Keep in mind though, that the cat probably will not assume you have catnip every time they see you.

* As another last resort, try to resort to food the cat cannot resist.  Tuna is a great example.  Open up a can of tuna and wait.  Most cats will run into the kitchen to see what this scent is about.  Give them some of your tuna, but make them give you some attention in return. 

* Remember that instilling this need for affection in the cat while they are a young kitten is important.  It’s tough to teach both old dogs and cats new tricks.

If none of this works, your cat may really have the typical personality that people stereoype cats to have.  That’s okay.  Be consistent in your efforts; change takes time.  Keep in mind how a cat is basically programmed to act (natural instinicts) and even learn more about them to figure out other ways to get them to like you

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