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This "Sesame Street" Parody Of "House Of Cards" Is Dead On

In which "Frank Underwolf" attempts to blow down the Three Little Pigs' houses: Legislative, judicial, and executive.

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If your nerves still need soothing after House of Cards' premature release of its highly anticipated third season, peep this Sesame Street spoof on the show.

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In it, "Frank Underwolf" conspires to blow down the Three Little Pigs' houses, made of straw, sticks, and bricks. They just so happen to resemble the judicial, legislative, and executive buildings.

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Guess which house Underwolf really wants to break into?

Underwolf says that "in this town, you have to know which way the wind is blowin'. And right now, it's about to get very windy."

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Things didn't exactly go over very well for the pigs.

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Mirroring the Season Two finale of the show, Underwolf blows through his adversaries until he can assume his rightful place as leader of the free world.

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Until, that is...

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The pigs team up and take matters back into their own hands?!

Is this foreshadowing? If you snagged last week's leaked season, then you already know the answer. Otherwise, you'll find out when House of Cards releases Season Three on Netflix Feb. 27.

Watch the full Sesame Street parody video here.