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Taco Bell Is Going To Start A Delivery Service Because, Y'know, Millennials

Also unveiled were app games, restaurants inside shipping containers, and — oh my God — a chicken biscuit taco.

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Taco Bell has made various efforts lately to win over the taste buds and Venmo accounts of ~millennials~.

The fast food restaurant already amped up its menu to include things like a Sriracha-flavored burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, and will continue to expand its breakfast offerings later this year with a chicken biscuit taco.

Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol told National Restaurant News that the morning munchies are just the beginning of its metamorphosis.

"I know a lot of people are talking about creating modern fast-food brands, and a lot are trying. But we're already on our way," Niccol told the trade magazine. "We're continuing to move Taco Bell into its own category."

A Taco Bell representative confirmed to BuzzFeed News that these are a few of the ways the Southern California-based franchise plans to do that.

1. Delivery service

The most game-changing element of Taco Bell’s transformation is its delivery service, the testing of which Niccol said will roll out later this year. The future of Netflix nights just got even brighter.

2. Restaurants inside shipping containers

Taco Bell debuted the tiny, trendy dining space at SXSW last month. It will make its official debut in Chicago in May.

3. Open kitchens and good food practices

Niccol said that there is a possibility of Taco Bell using meat from animals that were raised without hormones or antibiotics, as long as “there’s no trade off in craveability or food safety.”

4. A smaller carbon footprint

National Restaurant Review reported that all of Taco Bell’s new establishments have been approved by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and will use less water and energy to build and maintain.

5. More breakfast

On the way are the biscuit taco complete with jalapeño honey sauce and Cap’n Crunch Delights, a colorful, cereal-encrusted donut hole filled with milk-flavored icing.

6. Games added to the Taco Bell app

As it exists now, the app allows users to place orders for in-store pickup, but Niccol and his team want to enhance the mobile experience.

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