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    Posted on Sep 29, 2015

    MTV Extreme Sports Star Dies After Hitting Tree During Parachute Stunt

    Erik Roner, an accomplished extreme skier and BASE jumper, died Monday when he traveled off-base during a parachute stunt and hit a tree.

    Jeff Bottari / AP Images

    Extreme athlete and MTV co-star Erik Roner died Monday after a fatal crash into a tree during a parachute stunt at a charity golf tournament, entertainment company Nitro Circus, announced.

    Roner was 39, married, and a father to two children.

    According to the company's statement, Roner was part of a three-person parachute team at the 4th Annual Squaw Valley Institute Celebrity Golf Classic in Northern California when he "was off the drop zone target on descent and hit a large tree."

    Roner was rushed to the hospital, Nitro Circus stated, but was declared dead shortly after.

    According to Teton Gravity Research founder and eyewitness Roy Tuscany, "He hit a tree... he hit a tree so hard." Tuscany added that he didn't know what happened from there.

    Within the extreme sports world, Roner was a household name. The native Californian's first sport was skiing. He has been featured in several magazines for his talents, and helped pioneer ski BASE jumping. The extreme sport incorporates BASE jumping (which stands for the surfaces from which one can jump: building, antenna, span, or Earth) and skiing.

    According to his website, Roner was signed to Nitro Circus and co-starred in an MTV show with X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana. The series, called Nitro Circus, lasted two seasons and aired in 2009.

    Pastrana said in a Nitro Circus statement, "Erik was an amazing person who made everyone and everything around him better. His smile, laughter and personality will be missed by everyone at Nitro Circus."

    "Most importantly," Pastrana added, "he has a beautiful wife and amazing kids that will miss him dearly."