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Jun 8, 2015

These World Cup Players Have Reached Peak Badass

I would say the athletes competing in the Women's World Cup are tough as nails, but they probably eat nails for breakfast, so...

The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off on June 6 in Canada. Keep an eye out for these phenomenally ferocious footballers.

Alex Morgan, forward, United States

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

What does Alex think about when she's not scoring game-winning goals? All the different ways she can kick your ass and then score game-winning goals, duh.

Nayeli Rangel, midfielder, Mexico

Michael B. Thomas / Getty Images

Guess who doesn't care if you leave the game with your head still attached to your body? That's right: Nayeli.

Christine Sinclair, forward, Canada

Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images

Or, as I like to call her, Christine "OMG, She's After Me, RUN!" Sinclair. Seriously, this woman brings a new meaning to the word aggressive.

Ayumi Kaihori, goalkeeper, Japan

John Macdougall / Getty Images

You might recall Ayumi as the Player of the Match in the 2011 Women's World Cup final, when she epically saved two of the United States' penalty kicks to lead Japan to its first championship. Respect.

Lotta Schelin, forward, Sweden

Nigel Roddis / Getty Images

Their faces say it all: losing the ball is simply not in Lotta's (R) game agenda. This is what soccer at 31 looks like, btw.

Celia Sasic, forward, Germany

Dan Mullan / Getty Images

Someone tell Van Persie he's not the only one who does a diving header like a boss.

Laura Georges, defender, France

Jeff Pachoud / Getty Images

I mean, really, who wouldn't be terrified of a kamikaze defender willing to sacrifice her own head in order to prevent a goal?!

Asisat Oshoala, forward, Nigeria

Richard Wolowicz / Getty Images

It's just not fair that any of us are expected to keep up with a stride like that. Asisat's legs are basically canons and she clearly has no problem with firing them.

Veronica Boquete, forward, Spain

Claudio Villa / Getty Images

Caution: encountering this player on the field will likely result in broken ankles and bruised pride.

Kim Do-yeon, defender, Korea Republic

Elsa / Getty Images

Kim Do-yeon doesn't just get a leg up on her competition; she'll run you into the ground while she does it.

Eniola Aluko, forward, England

Charlie Crowhurst / Getty Images

When players try to steal the ball from Eniola, she won't just hurdle over you; she'll give you a complimentary elbow to the face. You're welcome.

Lisa De Vanna, forward, Australia

Matt King / Getty Images

Some strikers shoot the ball. Others, like Lisa, will simply dribble past them for added humiliation. Ruthless.

Marta, forward, Brazil

Francisco Leong / Getty Images

Marta, who like many other soccer deities who are so revered they go only by their first name, is the ultimate field warrior. You know you're a badass when it takes more than two German players to hold you back.

Diana Ospina, midfielder, Colombia

Rodrigo Buendia / Getty Images

Soccer is a contact sport. For players like Diana, "contact" basically means "charge at all costs." Goalkeepers included.

Sunisa Srangthaisong, defender, Thailand

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

Sunisa clearly doesn't care about fouls, so long as she steals the ball from you, crushing your dreams (and maybe your face?) in the process.

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