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The Best Antidotes To Trumpworld

There is medicine for a sick world, though it never comes in simple pill form. An orange-faced greedy bigot as president of one of the world's most powerful (dominant, bossy, war-mongering) countries can feel like doomsday. And for many - those living in the world's rickety and silent slums, those who are starving, those who face hate for who they are and so on- doomsday has been around for a while. It can be hard to handle, but there are antidotes out there, and most of these need to be taken together.


Novels that tear apart this world

From Tony Morrison's Beloved, to Eduardo Galeano's Days and Nights of Love and War, my own The Butterfly Prison, or Ben Okri's Famished Road - there are novels that put this unjust world under a microscope, ruining its false definitions, and naming its criminals. They reveal the horror, and then the beauty that has been hidden. They also talk about social battles that have been won, and remind you that that does indeed happen.

Understanding politics

A lot of us want to take a break from it, and that's fair enough. But understanding the forces behind what has and is happening can empower us to take action, to make the right demands, and to see events clearly in their context. Like understanding personal pain, understanding history, politics, and social forces, is good for us.

Activism and organising

Not only can venting rage and making constructive demands in a collective way be good for you, but being in the street, in public, saying "this is not acceptable" stops the injustice from being normalised. Trump's presidency shouldn't be smooth sailing, and he shouldn't feel like he can get away with anything.

Naming the problem

Naming the cause of our rage - be it collective or personal, can really help. You have to name a thing to beat it, so this is often a good first step. Name it in writing, in a song, by painting, or in a computer game - whatever rocks your boat.

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