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23 Secrets "Wicked" Obsessives Will Never Tell You

Regrettably, we can't all come and go by bubble.

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1. Even though we love finding out what happened before the movie started, we don’t actually like The Wizard of Oz that much.


But we do enjoy spotting the first seven notes of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” at various points throughout Wicked.

3. But we won't be happy until we know what Glinda is whispering to Elphaba in the show's poster.

4. We always weep our way through "For Good" with Glinda and Elphie. / Via wickedest.pirate

From the moment Glinda reminds us that people come into our lives for a reason, we are lost in a sea of tears.

5. But before the tears, there are laughs. Muck-up matinee is our must-see event of the year.


And sleeping outside the theatre all night beforehand to hear the cast change lyrics and riff in new ways as a special goodbye treat is totally worth-it.

6. And we've pretty much spent our entire student loan on day-seats.

@Gemmahazell / Via

Sorry, bank manager.

7. Bad weather is no object when it comes to stage-dooring after the show.

gonna actually risk my life tn to stand at the wicked stagedoor


9. Although it's never a bad thing to see an understudy or stand-by...

If a cover tweets that she's going on, we cancel all plans and race to the theatre ASAP.

10. ...a cast change is actually like a bad break-up. / Via wickedinoz

11. Except, unlike with real life, we see this break-up coming way in advance.

💚💗 Wicked UK Tour cast change ... who's all going?? 💗💚 xx


12. There's no limit to the number of hours we can spend watching "Defying Gravity" videos on YouTube.

We might even whack out the ending along with Elphie, if our flatmates are out.

14. It's totally fine to book a MAC makeover, then ask the consultant to try nothing but different shades of green / Via

15. We genuinley find it difficult to tell someone we have good news without breaking into song.

16. We think Fiyero and Boq are perfectly good boys names

But however hard we look, we're yet to meet anyone with these names IRL.

17. We always feel disappointed that real goats don't actually speak. / Via wickeduktour

And we know that if we ever saw a lion-cub in a cage, we’d have to free it, however dangerous it may be.

18. Wicked fan art makes us wish they'd make an animated movie version.

Squeegool / Via

And we can spend weeks debating who we'd like to voice the animated characters on the big screen. Wouldn't Kerry Ellis make a perfect Elphaba?

19. There’s no such thing as too much luggage, or too many shoes. / Via wickedest.pirate

If only budget airlines and tiny wardrobes would let us unleash our inner Galinda.


20. We know that Wicked Witch isn’t actually wicked.

I mean, we would tell you this, but we'd have a hard time explaining that in fact, she's a pretty inspirational role-model.

21. And that pink really does go good with green. / Via http://@wickedest.pirate

22. We think Wicked language is just as effective as boring, old English.

We love slipping a bit of Oz-speak into our every day chatter.

23. And we use the show as inspiration for everything we do in life. / Via

Remembering always that together we're unlimited.