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19 Things All Actors Say, But Really Shouldn't

Because drama is part of our DNA.

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8. "Text, WhatsApp, or Facebook only today guys - I’m on vocal rest."

Natalie Blenford / BuzzFeed

Why announce plans to stay silent? Just don't talk for a bit. It'll be fine.

12. "Question: How much stuff should I take for pilot season in LA?"

Mel Peffs / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: peffs

Ooh I don't know - how about one suitcase weighing up to 23kg as per airline guidelines?


14. "Not sure of of my availability for your wedding/30th birthday/barmitzvah, I’m waiting to hear back about a project. Can I pencil you in for now?"

15. "Let's smash is today guys! After 369 performances, loads of laughs, and the best time on and off-stage ever, it’s time to say goodbye to some of the most talented, hilarious people I've ever worked with. It's gonna be emotional!"


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