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'Lucifer' Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Top 5 Moments From "The One With The Baby Carrot"

The latest episode of 'Lucifer' was loaded with laughs, touched on characters' vulnerabilities, and forged unlikely partnerships. Here's a look at the biggest moments from "The One with the Baby Carrot."

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1. Amenadiel's ultimate test.

I really enjoyed Linda and Amenadiel's scenes together in this episode. She thanks him for stopping time and saving her life, then offers to help him out with Lucifer's wings in return.

As Linda points out, we knew Lucifer's wing problem was bad, but we didn't know it was this gruesome. It must really hurt to clip those wings. We already saw how painful it was for Amenadiel to watch God BBQ his own wings. Torching Luci's pair must add fuel to the fire (pun intended).

He opens up to Linda and admits how it haunts him still. As we expected, seeing Lucifer with wings is a real thorn in Amenadiel's side. Now he's setting fire to the one thing he wants most. It's the ultimate F you...or as Amenadiel gently puts it: God is testing him.

I love how self-aware he becomes while revealing his resentment to Linda. As it turns out, Lucifer himself is Amenadiel's test because everything about his brother is challenging.

On a fun note: I'm so glad Linda had that whole nickname convo with him. It's true, there's no cool way to shorten Amenadiel. "Amen" sounds oddly blasphemous and "A" just comes off as an insult. It was hilarious to see her try it out loud, though.

2. Ella's instant transformation from fangirl to hater.

Have we though? ๐Ÿค” #Lucifer

Ella is a huge fan of their main suspect, comedian Bobby Lowe. She can't imagine that he'd rip-off an innocent up-and-coming-comic's jokes. But he does. Much to Ella's chagrin. She represents all of us fangirls/fanboys who feel deceived by a star they admire. J'accuse, indeed!

The case was silly to say the least (now we know what the "baby carrot" stood for), but it served a greater purpose. Lucifer related to their murder victim because someone stole his material, just like the Sinnerman has taken Luci's shtick.

Even the Devil draws the line somewhere. I guess there is an extra special place in Hell for lying thieves.

3. Det. Dan can't catch a break.

Between Lucifer and Marcus, Dan is getting any slack. He's trying his hardest not to be a douche, but they keep treating him like one. It's so funny, that I really don't want them to stop, even though probably I should. (#SorryNotSorry)

Marcus loves making Dan squirm. The apologetic detective is so flustered and pathetic when he tries defending himself, that Marcus can't even find joy in it anymore. It's just too sad to watch. Ouch!

When the new boss isn't giving him hell, Lucifer is more than happy to toy with his buddy. He spills the beans about Dan's improv classes, which ultimately lands him on stage as bait during open mic night at the comedy club.

Like Dan said, improv and stand-up are two different beasts. He needs to lure out the man with the baby carrot and fumbles over some really terrible teeny weeny jokes.

Lucifer takes charge, hurls hilarious insults, stands up for the little guy (*wink*) and chucks tomatoes at poor Dan. Who wouldn't be laughing out loud at this scene? Well, Dan isn't laughing because the low blows just keep coming at him.

I'm beginning to think his feelings are getting genuinely hurt. He might snap one day and demand respect. I'm just waiting to see who he'll lash out at first: Lucifer or Marcus?

4. Marcus and Lucifer just became a power couple.

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It happened sooner than we expected, Lucifans. #Lucus (#Marcifer?) is on!

Lucifer carelessly threw the Sinnerman's name around the precinct, despite Chloe begging him to keep his mouth shut about the mythical figure. Meanwhile, Marcus has been eavesdropping on the team. He even asked for Dan's intel on Luci to see where the Devil stands.

Marcus makes a house call and sets Lucifer straight. The Sinnerman is real and he is very dangerous. For being a hardass, Marcus doesn't shy away from the truth, even if it doesn't paint him in the best light. Last week, he admitted it's been a while since he's had a good shag. This week we may have found out the reason why.

The Lt. went after the Sinnerman in Chicago. As a result, he lost someone very close to him. A girlfriend or wife perhaps? So he left Chi-Town with his tail between his legs and opted for a fresh start in L.A. He warns Luci to keep his mouth shut and let it go. Ha! As if Lucifer would ever do that.

The next day Marcus reaches out to Lucifer. The two of them will work together and track down the Sinnerman. Yay! Can't wait to see their buddy-cop routine.

Marcus tells him to keep their mission a secret, especially from Chloe because she has a kid. He doesn't want anyone else to be targeted and lose loved ones. Awww! There's a dash of the protective Clark Kent that we came to love on 'Smallville'. I am really digging Marcus' style.

So, how long do you think it'll be before Chloe finds out what they're up to? What are you most excited to see during Marcus and Lucifer's team-up?

5. The Devil is back in business.

Say hello to the devil himself. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ #Lucifer

Lucifer refuses to let the Sinnerman take over his role. He decides to go back to making deals and has a very long line of new customers waiting to get everything they desire.

This makes me nervous. I'm afraid one of his customers will turn-up as a victim or suspect in the near future. This also raises some questions:

If Lucifer resumes fulfilling these dirty deeds, will his wings start malting? I feel like he's motivated to get back in the game for more reasons than to simply thwart the Sinnerman. Maybe he's doing this to get his devilish groove back. He'd swap his white wings for his hellish face in a heartbeat.

Do you think Amenadiel and Linda will find out and convince him to stop? Will Marcus catch-on to Luci's side gig? Will a familiar face show up for a favor?

Share your thoughts below!

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