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'Kevin (Probably) Saves The World' Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

In 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World's' wonderful second episode, "Listen Up" we see what happens when Kevin tries to ignore all the signs.

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Listen to the Universe.

Yvette puts the rain in training. #KevinProbably

Yvette already established that she isn't your stereotypical "angel" sent to Earth by God. She's even understanding when Kevin says he doesn't prescribe to any particular belief system. However, in order to do his job as the last of the righteous, Kevin needs to flex his spiritual muscles. So she puts him through physical and psychological boot-camp.

By the end of his series of push-ups in the rain, Kevin begins to see the beauty before his eyes. Just like the surprisingly delicious smoothie, Tyler's sublime shirt, and the butterflies that gracefully flutter out of his closet, the rain drops transform into something miraculous rather than mundane.

Of course, Reese sees her uncle dancing in the rain like a child who's seen snow falling for the first time and thinks he's getting stranger with each passing day. Despite the weirdness, Yvette considers the lesson a success and Kevin feels more motivated to help people.

I saw the sign.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Kevin decides to be proactive and creates flyers that make him sound like a prostitute (hey, maybe some prostitutes will work for free). Instead of waiting for the signs, he oddly offers his problem solving services to strangers.

As expected, the universe has its own plans and will not be ignored. Kevin persistently places his flyer over an ad for Three Taverns Craft Beers, a local family run brewery. Despite his greatest efforts, the ad remains on the board while all other papers fall to the floor.

You have to love Yvette's "I told so" look. Like she said, the universe cannot be ignored. So Kevin heads to the brewery.

Like father, like son.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Kevin meets Jake (Sam Huntington) and immediately pesters him with inappropriate questions about what is wrong in his life. Jake's father and boss, Karl (Michael Harney), calls the cops on him. Luckily, Nate shows up and takes Kevin home without much fuss.

Kevin promises he won't use Nate as his personal Uber service once the carburetor is replaced in Amy's truck. Nate sees if he can help with that since he knows a guy. Meanwhile, Kevin will try not to be menace.

Second chances.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Tyler throws a reunion party, which gives Kevin the opportunity to right some wrongs. Before heading to the shindig, Amy voices her concern. How is Kevin going to feel when everybody asks why he's come home? Won't all of the questions make him upset and uncomfortable? Naturally, his sis ends up being right.

During an aside at the bar with Yvette, he admits feeling down about the situation. What is he supposed to tell them? Yvette suggests the truth. It'll only make him more relatable. Just like he wants to know more about her life, others want to truly know more about his.

Jake overhears Kevin talking to himself and the two of strike up an honest conversation. Kevin confesses that he technically had everything one could hope for in New York, but he was still unhappy. Jake can relate. He hates beer, but doesn't want to disappoint his dad by bailing on the family business.

Kevin encourages Jake to open a dialogue with his father, maybe he could start with some time off. He'll even be there for moral support. Jake feels like a weight has been lifted. He's never discussed his feelings about this with anyone before. Sometimes it is easier to open up to a stranger. He's grateful Kevin showed up when he did.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

The night has its perks for Kevin too when he rekindles the spark he still shares with his high school sweetheart, Kristin. After a fun-filled night together, he thinks their romance can commence forth again. That's when she sets him straight.

Kevin rudely ghosted her in college. She left messages that remained unanswered, so she got the point and moved on. Kristin just wanted a casual hook-up and doesn't expect more from him. Kevin is bummed, embarrassed and apologetic. He can't believe he did that to her and is truly sorry.

For someone who is supposed to be one of the righteous, Kevin makes an awful lot of mistakes and frequently apologizes for his screw-ups.

Reese's piece of mind.

Bob D'amico / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Once again, Kevin gets all caught up in his own life and forgets to let Amy know that's he's doing fine. She worries about everyone and everything because she cares. She can't just turn it off and be aloof. Reese keeps Amy calm and reassures her at the end of the night when she's on the cusp of freaking out. Then she takes matters into her own hands.

Reese sneaks out and starts biking down the road until she comes across her uncle who is chipperly walking back from a night of sexy times with Kristin. Once again, we see teenager Reese scolding her adult uncle.

Kevin is the same age as her mother, but in Reese's book, he might as well be a peer. He takes no responsibility for his actions and consistently flakes out on them. If he's going to stick around, then he needs to grow up.

I love how Reese is so protective of her mom. You can tell that she probably stepped-up even more after her dad died. Judging by Kristin and Kevin's conversation, it sounds like Amy and John were really soulmates since high school. It must be so hard for her to be without him now. She doesn't need anymore disappointment in her life. Which is why Kevin can't check-out on her.

Reese says it clearly, "You know how she is...You can't do that." Family members know each other well. You know how a sibling will react to certain actions or lack there of. If a simple text will set his sis at ease, then why not just do it? Thankfully, Kevin seems to get the point this time around.

Mixed signals.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Jake gets carried away and instead of starting a conversation about changing his career, he up and quits on his dad. Kevin is shocked to hear it because that wasn't the plan. When Karl collapses from a heart attack, Jake blames Kevin. He wouldn't have gone through with this if it wasn't for Kevin's support. Ouch! Harsh much, Jake?

Kevin bows out. The signs failed him and he's going to ignore them from now on. All signs are pointing towards the hospital, where Karl is headed. It's hilarious really: a street sign, a couple in labor asking for directions, fire engines and ambulances with sirens roaring...all breeze by Kevin and he still refuses to follow their lead.

But he'll soon find out that these universal signs cannot be ignored, no matter how hard you try.

More than a truck.

Lessons from the hood...of a pickup truck. @Kimactinup @JasonRitter #KevinProbably

Amy is surprised when Nate appears in her classroom with a carburetor for her truck. Later, she confronts Kevin in the garage. He can barely get his life together, so he shouldn't be meddling in her's. As the twins continue to squabble, Amy accidentally slams the lid shut on Kevin's hand. Yikes!

I love how Yvette reappears in this moment to rub it in. If the universe has plans, it intends to keep them. Well, Kevin gave it his best shot, but now we know there's no avoiding fate.

For the record: Universe - 1, Kevin - 0

"I can be your haunted truck."

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Amy rushes Kevin to the hospital and they have a beautiful heart-to-heart when his hand is bandaged. She and John got the truck and started working on it together before he died. When she works on it now, she talks to him and feels like he's there with her. Awww! Pass the tissues, please.

Kevin hugs his sis, finally understanding how much pain she has been in and how she puts up such a strong front. He didn't mean to overstep, he just wanted to help her out a little bit.

Jason Ritter and JoAnna Garcia Swisher have been perfectly cast in these roles. Their natural chemistry and combined energy just makes you hugs from fluffy puppy. They know how to balance comedy and drama and they exceedingly excel at both. Which is why their scenes together make me cry, laugh and ultimately, laugh-cry.

Amy bares her soul by revealing this secret and Kevin's take-away is that the truck is haunted. He's joking, of course. He wants them to be able to talk to each other. Then he says the sweetest thing, "I'll be your haunted truck." Sigh.

While Amy go gets the car, Kevin gives in to the universe and visits Karl.

Bait and switch.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

Kevin automatically assumed Jake was the one who needed his help at the brewery, but now we learn that Karl was actually the subject of his latest lesson. As it turns out, Karl didn't suffer a heart attack. Instead, this was a warning, which would prevent him from having a fatal heart attack in the future.

What?! *Mind blown*

Karl is grateful and has no hard feelings towards Kevin or his son. He just wants Jake to be happy. But wait, there's more!

Three Taverns landed a big brand client that will help save his fledgling business. Kevin helped deal out a double dose of universal goodness! This must put a few extra notches on his spiritual belt. Right?!

The vision.

Guy D'alema / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

While riding the elevator, Kevin suddenly become engulfed by water. His head rises above the surface and he finds himself in the middle of the ocean. In the distant he sees a cabin on the beach of what seems to be an island in the middle of nowhere.

As he walks out of the building soaking wet, I'm beginning to get the feeling that people aren't even going to question when more weird things start happening to and around Kevin. He's just going to be "that guy." Anyway...

He explains his experience to Yvette and she says he just had a vision. The universe is starting to give him clues. The more he taps into his spirituality, the more pieces of the puzzle he'll receive. If he's on the right track, each completed challenge should bring forth another vision, which will lead him to the righteous one he seeks.

That's cool! I wonder if all of his visions will be so immersive. I'm very curious to discover what else he'll see. Hopefully they'll get more specific because an island paradise is appealing, yet vague. What do you think? Did you notice any tiny clues in Kevin's vision that will give us a lead?

Closing time.

You always need the chance to hang up... for closure! #KevinProbably

As Amy pulls up, "Closing Time" is playing on the radio. It's the same song he was listing to with Kristin and Yvette says that's a sign. So Kevin decides to make things right with the one he left behind.

In this adorable scene, Kevin officially breaks-up with her, like he should've done the first time around. Now she can have closure on the past and they'll be able to move forward together in the present. It's a brilliant idea. Looks like Kevin still has some smooth moves.

Show #KevinProbably some love!

We all know that ABC put this show in a cursed time slot. Many great series have perished because they were on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. I'm begging you all not to overlook this gem of a show. Hey, even the universe needs a little help now and then, so make sure ABC knows how much you are enjoying 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.'

Here are some things you can do to give the show a boost:

* Watch live. If you DVR the show, then watch the commercials. If you fast forward, it won’t count for full ratings. Probably because it ties in to advertisers.

* Live tweet using #KevinProbably. Tag @ABCNetwork, @ABC_Publicity, @KevinProbably so that the network sees that you're watching and invested.

* Thank advertisers. Companies need to know they can make money by supporting this show. Instead of fast forwarding, take note of the advertisers airing commercials during the show and thank them for supporting ‘Kevin Probably.’ Tag the network and advertisers/companies in your tweets.

* E-mail ABC. Tell them how much you love the show.

* Post comments on ‘Kevin Probably’ social media accounts.

* Rate and write reviews for the show on the ‘Kevin Probably’s' IMDB page. (This will increase its popularity/ranking on IMDB and draw more attention to the series.)

* Rate and watch online: ABC Go, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon.

* Word of mouth: This is the most obvious option. If you enjoy the show, then encourage your friends and family to watch too.

I drive your truck...

Bob D'amico / ABC / Via Disney ABC Press Site

In the end, Amy fixes the truck and takes Kevin for a spin. Chloe decides to stay behind, but the smile on her face says it all. If Kevin doesn't succeed in saving the world, he might just be able to save their's.

He's gradually proving that they can count on him. There's hope for Kevin after all!

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