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'Kevin (Probably) Saves The World' S1 Ep 6 Review: Friends And Family Plan

Kevin is couch surfing after Amy kicked him out of the house. He throws himself into his next mission and waits for his sis to go through her stages of anger before making a proper attempt at reconciliation. Meanwhile, Reese and Yvette try bringing the twins together in their own ways. Get ready for a "Rocky Road" ahead.

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One can dream...

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I didn't think anything could top Kevin's sleepwalking opening sequence, but 'Kevin (Probably)' just outdid itself. "Rocky Road" picks up in the middle of "Brutal Acts of Kindness'" cliffhanger. Amy gives Kevin an earful and is waiting for an explanation. How can he pull his into such reckless behavior? Suddenly, the truth pours out of him. Yvette even reveals herself to a stunned Amy and Reese. You can see the weight lifted from Kevin's shoulders.

Together, they form a righteous one hunting mod squad. In an epic montage, Amy, Kevin and Yvette travel the world in search of the other righteous. Kevin walks up to each chosen one and embraces him/her like a badass, coolly walking away and moving onto the next mission. With just one person left, Kevin ventures into space and hugs a Russian astronaut. The glow of their powerful bear hug permeates through the universe. The world celebrates Kevin's achievement with fireworks and Yvette is finally free to return home.

Of course, we know this is all too good to be true. It would be awesome if Kevin's missions could actually go down like that. But that would alter the whole meaning behind this show. Kevin isn't a superhero or James Bond. He's an ordinary guy just trying to do his best. That's what makes him so relatable and lovable.

Kevin returns to reality, has no answers for Amy and leaves with his head hanging. Reese is furious with Amy for invading her privacy and kicking Kevin out. This is going to be a rough week...

Well suited.

Obviously the universe wants Kevin to be dressed for success. #KevinProbably

Kevin stays with Tyler first. He has an uneasy night. The fight is weighing heavy on his heart, but he's also freaked out over Tyler's pet ferret running loose throughout the house. Tyler is so sweet that he's understanding of a ferret. Love ya Ty, but it is not cool to have a creature nibbling on your fingers in the night. I'd get creeped out too.

Interestingly, Yvette seems even more distressed over the twin's fight. She wants Kevin to patch things up ASAP, but he knows that Amy's rage goes through stages. He starts with a goofy emoji text to break the ice.

He emerges from bed ready for his new mission, which somehow involves wearing a suit. Again, Jason Ritter plays the comedic beats of this scene with such ease. After several attempts, he realizes there's no way to take that suit off. I love how he peeks under the jacket to see if another one is still there. Hilarious!

Now that he looks the part, he heads over to the job interview listed in his pocket and we find out the importance his wardrobe.

Undressed for success.

The universe's way of asking Kevin to give the clothes off his back. #KevinProbably

Kevin meets Sam (Christopher Cousins), a guy who's been on the job hunt for so long that he's become a pro at it. When Sam's suit gets soaked, Kevin gives the stranger the clothes off his back. Now he's a weird guy stranded on the sidewalk in boxers.

As expected, Nate shows up in response to various calls about a creepy naked guy. He isn't even surprised to find Kevin at the scene. J. August Richards is doing a great job of playing the straight man to Ritter's silliness. I also love how Nate always has Kevin's back. He keeps cleaning up his messes and despite all the strange stuff he's seen, he knows that Kevin's quirks come from a good place. It is sweet to see Nate defend Kevin time and again.

Sam returns from his interview, which was a bust. Now that Kevin has his car keys back, he has Sam hop in and promises to help him with the job hunt. They can start by updating his resume and establishing a strong online presence. Nate lets Kevin continue to do his thing and hopes he won't cause anymore trouble.

Rambling man.

Okay, it is at all awkward. #KevinProbably

Amy continues to rebuff Kevin's apologies, so he stays with Kristin on night two. Things get super awkward when she heads out for a hot date. When she returns home, Kevin peeks out the window and has Yvette give him a play-by-play. Adorable!

Kevin offers to leave if she wants private time with her date. She quickly reassures him that their impulsive hook-up was a one time thing. She's not a one-night-stand kind of girl. Which means the night they shared really was something special.

I love how she calls him out on spying too. They are so cute together! We're still rooting for these love birds. But for now, they need to part ways. Kevin needs to find a new sofa to crash on in the morning.

After another uncomfortable night, Kevin meets Sam at the diner. He excitedly explains how he created the perfect online profile and e-mail blasted it to his contact list. Which ends up being a big problem.

Sam has been lying to his wife for 18 months! He never told her that he was fired. Now Kevin and Sam are both in the doghouse. So they both crash at Nate's for night three.

Once Kevin gets Sam settled at Nate's, he heads over to Amy's with two buckets of rocky road ice cream. There's nothing a good chat over rocky road couldn't fix when they were younger.

Family first.

The importance of family. #KevinProbably

Kevin has been intensely focusing on the mission and Yvette is worried that he isn't putting enough effort into fixing his relationship with Amy. He's surprised that she isn't more concerned with their mission. But she believes both should be a priority because they're essentially related.

In the time they've spent together, she knows how important Amy and Reese are to Kevin. He is better with his family than he is on his own. He won't be able to get the job done without them. Yvette and viewers are pulling for Kevin when he takes the rocky road approach with Amy. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as we hope.

Amy spells it out for Kevin. This isn't like past offenses. This time, Kevin crossed the line by putting Reese's feelings and future in jeopardy...again. As it turns out, back when Kevin was in douche mode, he seriously broke his niece's heart.

Years ago, Amy and Reese spent a week in New York waiting for Kevin's schedule to have an opening so he can spend time with his family. But he was always too busy. Reese was devastated. Amy swore she'd never let that happen to Reese again. If she has to cut Kevin out of her life, then so be it. Her daughter comes first and that's that.

This is really bad. But there is still hope because Reese overheard their conversation and still wants Kevin to be a part of her life. She rides over to Nate's and tells Kevin that her mom is wrong. When Kevin understands and defends Amy's decision, Reese is heartbroken. She rides off in disappointment and outrage.

The catch.

Kevin lands a miraculous catch. #KevinProbably

Amy gets a call from school saying Reese never showed up. She teams up with Nate (who she is still super mad at for keeping Reese and Kevin's arrest from her) and they drive around looking for her. Amy blames Kevin for Reese pulling a stunt like this. Nate defends him and opens her eyes to the good Kevin's been doing. Sure, he's been acting strange and causing trouble, but Nate has also seen Kevin give a stranger the clothes off of his back. Amy should give him more credit.

Kevin gets news that Reese is missing and immediately joins the search. He knows where she's probably hiding out and pulls Nate over just like his sister did earlier. By the way, I am really enjoying Nate's dynamic with this family. He gets each one of them and truly has their backs. It is so sweet!

They find Reese in an abandoned warehouse. She goes there to clear her head and think without interruption. She maintains the power by holding herself hostage high up on a beam. Amy must meet her conditions before Reese agrees to come down and return home. Her demands: Kevin gets to move back in and Amy needs to respect her privacy. Amy agrees and Reese gets up to make her way down.

Suddenly, Reese falls off the beam. Kevin and Amy are too far away to catch her in time. Yvette suspends Reese in mid air until Kevin hurries over and scoops her up. Whoa! Yvette just pulled off a miracle before their eyes.

I love everything about this scene. Chloe East is doing a wonderful job as Reese. She is relatable, youthful and wise. Ritter and JoAnna Garcia are pure magic together. They really have that natural sibling/twin rhythm down. They play off of each other so perfectly and this scene is another example of how they make us laugh and cry all at once. Bravo!

Pragmatic Amy questions Kevin about the fall and catch. She knows what she saw. Reese levitated. There is no scientific explanation for that. Kevin plays dumb and Amy doesn't pursue it. Maybe now she'll begin to take Reese and Nate a little more seriously when they defend Kevin. I'm glad she saw invisible Yvette in action and I am so relieved the family is back together. OF course, Amy isn't the only one with questions.

Somewhere in Asia

Kevin is shocked that Yvette exposed her skill-set like that. He wonders if he's on some sort of friends and family plan with her. Not that he's complaining. Yvette signed up to protect Kevin from harm. He'd be devastated and useless if anything terrible happened to his loved ones, so she's keeping them safe for the greater good.

I have a feeling it's about more than that. Yvette's emotions have developed over the past few weeks. She's clearly formed an attachment to Kevin, as well as his friends and family.

What happens when a celestial being loves the person she's supposed to guide? If her judgement becomes clouded, will she get reassigned to someone new? I'm still curious to see what other side effects will emerge. I have a sneaking suspicious that she may even become visible to others at some point.

As for Kevin's mission. Everything ends well. Sam's wife, Tracy, is a perfect candidate for his latest job opportunity. They made a deal that she'd stay home to raise the kids, while he remained the provider. He was ashamed that he failed. Tracy confesses that she misses her work and doesn't mind reversing roles. I love the twists Kevin's mission always seem to take. Although we could kind of see this one coming, it still sends a great message.

Kevin's clues present themselves as printed images of the visions he's had so far, including a new location. As we suspected, all signs point towards Asia. But where?!?

What do you think? How did you enjoy "Rocky Road"? Did the catch scene move you to tears? So far I have laughed and cried during every episode this season. I really love this show!

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