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  • Natasha Richardson is Brain Dead

    Hours after reports that Natasha Richardson suffered a serious brain injury while skiing, Time Out New York posted a story online with a “RIP” headline and the claim she is brain dead. They have no official confirmation, but at 12:39 they wrote RIP: Natasha Richardson (1963-2009) and that she is brain dead, although alive.

  • “It Was a Bad Mistake”

    Michael Phelps chatted pool side with Matt Lauer this morning saying that he had used poor judgement and that the pot smoking incident “was a bad mistake”.

  • Wet Seal Partners With… Playboy!

    Yikes, yikes and say WHAT?! If you’re a mom who cringed at the announcement of Mattel releasing a new “Tattooed” Barbie doll (it’s really not as bad as it sounds—just a pink butterfly on the shoulder, not a skull and crossbones), then you’re gonna love this! Tween and teen mall retail chain Wet Seal has partnered up with dying publication Playboy for a limited-edition collection of Playboy-themed t-shirts and accessories!

  • Finding Out the Sex of Your Baby at 7 Weeks?!

    There’s a test on the market that claims to be able to determine the sex of your baby at as early as 7 weeks after conception. It’s got a significant price tag of $240… and it’s got some people worried that parents might use it for gender selection. What do you think?

  • Stage Manager for TV’s “Lipstick Jungle” Accused of Theft, Out On Bail

    In case you hadn’t heard, it looks like there’s a rumble in the jungle, the “Lipstick Jungle” that is! A 27-year-old stage manager on production facilities for the NBC series “Lipstick Jungle”, Arthur Moreira, was arrested Friday in a sting operation that, according to, ” included officers buying stolen goods from Moreira at his apartment.” Find out the rest of the story online at

  • More Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama Style

    An article from the LA Times Image section that muses on all things fashion (dubbed All the Rage) featured an interesting article today, comparing Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama’s ability to relate to the public through their fashion choices. Though the article was decidedly pro-Mrs. O and criticized Palin for her “overboard” spending spree at Saks and Neimans, the points made were pretty interesting to to a team of bargain-binners like the girls at TalkingShopping! Basically, they question why, if Palin is as big a bargain hunter as she claims, would she even think of spending so much on attire for the campaign trail! An interesting question no matter who’s getting your vote on Tuesday. Read more at

  • Shedding Some Light On Germs

    It’s late at night. The lights are out. You are home alone. Or so you think. As you flip through the channels you begin to get the chilling feeling that you are not alone. What you don’t realize is you have some uninvited company. They’ve been there for a couple of days now, waiting for you to give them a hand… and they are right at your fingertips. Eek! No, TalkingShopping is not playing a spooky Halloween trick. The scary part of this story is that it is 100% true! Call it the invasion of the germs! Learn more at

  • Kate Hudson’s Eco-Hair Care to Target!

    TS Update: This is so exciting! The TalkingShopping team has been waiting to find the right time and place to get our hands on oh-so-gorgeous celebribeauty Kate Hudson and David Babaii’s green haircare line, dubbed the David Babaii for WildAid Eco-Friendly Hair Care line! Well girls, our chance might be coming because Kate just announced that the line will be coming to Target, CVS and Duane Reade stores very soon! Read the rest of the story online at

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