15 Signs You Went To American University

You know you went to the Most Politically Active School in the nation.

1. Waiting for the shuttle was the worst

2. You waited for rides way to many times at the LA Quad

3. Subway always had the largest line at 1:30am on weekends

4. This was your reaction to home games

5. When you were late to class because some kid tried to get you to join their club in front of MGC

6. This is what most SIS classes looked like

7. And people from Kogod were like….

8. When you think you see someone cute in MGC

9. What being from any conservative political stance felt like

10. Those 8:55 a.m classes

11. When eaglesecure wifi works

12. You`ve heard enough political debate for a lifetime

13. when you tried to get eggs or cookies at TDR Brunch

14. And this is what paying tuition looked it

15. And this is what most people you knew wanted to do

But this is how you felt like when graduation was approaching

Because you know you went to the best university there is

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