21 Signs That You're The Ultimate Jonas Brothers Fan

There's just something about those three boys from Jersey...

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2. This is a completely accurate representation of you when you hear one of their songs on the radio:

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make it feel like the first time

8. Your heart skipped a beat when Joe fell at the AMAs

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but he went on the finish the performance hash tag badass

11. You try to hold back tears when they're spotted with a new girl


Like that time when you were on your way to your tutor and you checked twitter on your phone at a red light even though you weren't supposed to and saw a picture of Nick holding Samantha Barks hand at Disneyland and you cried a little! .....Or was that just me?

13. After six years, you still can't understand why Kevin has so few solos

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15. You have a ridiculous amount of Jonas apparel


Best of Both Worlds Tour + When You Look Me In The Eyes Tour + Burning Up Tour + 2009 Tour + Camp Rock Tour + Nick Jonas In The Administration Tour + Joe Jonas tour = a LOT of comfy t-shirts to sleep in

20. You would do anything to see Nick preform this now

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cause he's so hot just like a tamale

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