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18 Times Nick Bateman Was The Hottest Guy On Instagram In 2015

One word: Yum.

1. When his pants were barely hanging onto his hips.

2. When he laid on a sofa and made us need a fainting couch.

3. When we wanted our lips — instead of this necklace — in his mouth.

4. When he rode a bicycle and was our ultimate crush.

5. When he wore gray sweatpants and made our eyes *bulge* out.

6. When he wore a towel around his waist and we were like, why???

7. When we wanted to swap places with his pup.

8. When he was nothing less than a Greek god.

9. *skips caption and stares at photo instead*

10. When he gave us a glimpse of his ~sexy back~.

11. When we wanted to unwrap his package.

12. When he showed us his deliciously sexy beach bod.

13. When his pants were unbuttoned in the middle of a forest for no reason.

14. When he was 10 times hotter than his coffee.

15. When he didn't mind the view — and we didn't either.

16. When he was the hottest athlete in the world.

17. When he got wet.

18. And when, yes, he made us want to ride his surfbort.

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