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21 Badass Texts To Exes That'll Warm Your Soul

Or texts from "Satan."

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1. This scientist:

2. The best dream ever:

3. 💩💩💩:

4. This harsh death wish:

5. This ~sweet~ message:

6. "I couldn't run":

7. The grammar police:

8. The slow burn:

9. The one who achieved their goal:

10. This clever, quick reaction:

11. This person who really went for it:

12. This conversation that's all over the place:

13. Aaaaaaaand this one:

14. This slow learner:

15. This perfect, sassy response:

16. This confident retort:

17. This diamond among rocks:

18. The scavenger hunt:

19. This polite decline:

20. The worst day ever:

21. And this one, that just leaves me with a ton of questions:

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