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22 Anna Kendrick GIFs Perfect For Everyday Situations

I should just date women!

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1-When you're that first one in your friend group to buy that thing which everyone is dying to buy!


2-When you're tired of being ditched by your boyfriends again and again.

3-When you have to give someone a fake smile!


4-When you have to use the bathroom and someone is already in!


And you can't control at all!

5-When you try to be cute af.

6-When your Instagram post is getting numerous likes!


7-When result comes and you come to know that you have ~failed~ miserably.

But you were excepting at-least B grade.

Yup,that's all teacher's fault.

8-When you are not in mood and mom continues to give you lecture on your studies.


9-When someone is talking shit.

10-When your friend tells you that she had seen you boyfriend with other girl.

And you try to act normal.

11-When everything is going amazing!


12-When you're trying to speak to someone and they aren't answering you!

13-When you finally give the one right answer in class.


And you like on the top of the world.

14-When someone compliments you!

15-When you don't know what has happened but you're trying to pretend that you know everything!

16-When hairstylist provokes you to try the style that you don't like.

17-When a lady steps on your feet in the mall!


18-When you speak lie and try to hide it.


19-When teacher finally appreciates you!

20-When someone spreads false rumors about you!


21-When it's parent-teacher meeting and you're like:

22-When you're being roasted by friends.

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