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17 Photos Of Charlie Hunnam Because You Deserve It


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God has been very kind and generous to us because we are blessed with Charlie Hunnam. You might know him as Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy or as Raleigh Becket from Pacific Rim.Well,he has lot of work under his credit.But,if you don't,we got you covered.

Instagram: @charliehunnamforever


I mean,just look at him,this guy is pure perfection.

Instagram: @charliehunnamforever

Ain't no man like you!

Here he is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and totally owning it!

Here he is taking selfie like king!

Instagram: @charliematthewhunnam

Smile serves as icing on the cake.

Here he is looking hot in this tank top!

Instagram: @charliehunnamforever

WARNING: He has the power to make you swoon.

Instagram: @charliehunnamforever

Here he is SHIRTLESS making you want to cuddle him.

Instagram: @charliehunnamforever

Have we mentioned how captivating his beard is?

Instagram: @charliehunnamforever

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