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17 Times Spencer Boldman Was The Most Perfect Man On Instagram

This actor is no ~lab rat~.

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Hi. This is Disney Channel star Spencer Boldman, and he is a gorgeous human being on-screen, but his Instagram is even better.

The Disney Channel

1. Like the time he gave us this hunky look and 100 mega-watt smile alongside his cute dog.

2. And when he showed his amazing fashion sense along with an attitude to die for.

3. When he was busy taking a shower, and we were enjoying the view.

4. When he hung out with Mickey.

5. When he celebrated his birthday, now the holiest of days, in Miami. 🎂

6. When he was casual AF in this tropical land, and we had to wipe up our drool.

7. When he captured these beautiful nature pics, proving that he was nothing less than a professional photographer.

8. When he posted this. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

10. When he was actually looking like "Sexiest Man Alive" in such beautiful scenery, but we were focusing on him.

11. When he was just handsome as hell.

13. When he proved that he was the king of all selfies.

14. When he cooked. HE COOKED. 😋

15. And when he snacked on some Shake Shack in New York City.

16. When he proved he was super adventurous.

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