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20 Vintage Photos That Will Make You Excited For Summer

These photos will remind you why you love summer. Make sure to enjoy a Talenti gelato or sorbetto this summer to stay cool.

1. Summer is perfect just to lounge around.

2. Nothing is better than hanging in a backyard and eating.

3. Just dangling your legs on a carnival ride fills you with happiness.

4. Even chores are more fun.

5. Or having a casual canoe lunch.

6. Or a beach picnic.

7. Cool sun hats definitely help your summer swagger.

8. So does catching some rays...

9. ...and hangin' with your parents at the beach...

10. ...or just feeling your toes seep into the sand.

11. Nothing beats building a sand cake with your mom...

12. ...or having your mom show you the ocean for the first time.

13. Or the boardwalk:

14. Check out these two sweethearts:

15. Or these cuties:

16. Or these leapers:

17. These pals know the magic of taking a late-afternoon walk on the beach.

18. Smile, because summer is almost here.

19. You'll feel that warm breeze soon!

20. And until then, just walk around with your favorite scoop and cone.