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    The 25 Best Apple Pie Recipes For The Holiday Season

    Now that holiday season is in full swing, we wanted to celebrate with some of our favorite apple pies and are gifting one reader with a $100 Gift card to make their own miniature apple pies!

    1. The Sensible Mom / Via

    Everyone has their own take on what is most important in their pie. According to the Sensible Mom, the proof in this pie is the double pie crust!

    2. Sally's Baking Addiction / Via

    We can understand why you could also get addicted to this pie-the addition of salted caramel will make you want to create a pie of your own in no time.

    3. Just Putzing Around the Kitchen / Via

    The perfect lattice crust is enough for us to try to perfect our own baking skills.

    4. Moms Confession / Via

    If you're ever looking for a great way to make your house smell great, this apple pie recipe will have your neighbors wondering what is in your oven!

    5. Deliciously Sprinkled / Via

    I like to refer to these as "The Apple Pies That Stole Pinterest" because they are possibly the cutest and most delicious apples pies you can find. Recreate this recipe to show your friends you really do have skills in the kitchen!

    6. Yes Missy / Via

    This easy apple pie recipe has a hint of orange juice for added sweetness!

    7. Natasha's Kitchen / Via

    Adding cream cheese to the crust makes this pie extra flakey!

    8. Knit and Bake / Via

    Who doesn't love miniature desserts? This recipe shows you how easy it is to make apple pies into bite size delights!

    9. A Spicy Perspective / Via

    We're not sure what we love more-the addition of raspberries, or the beautiful heart crust!

    10. Just A Taste / Via

    The combination of salted caramel and tart apples make these adorable pies even more delicious!

    11. Happy Food Healthy Life / Via

    Beware-this recipe is so great that you'll be on pie duty the rest of your life.

    12. Six Sisters Stuff / Via

    The Apple Pie Slab is a new take on apple pie, and a great way to appease large crowds!

    13. Gimme Some Oven / Via

    Nothing pairs better together than this apple pie recipe and ice cream!

    14. Lunch Box Bunch / Via

    A tasty apple pie recipe that also happens to be Vegan!

    15. Ancestral Chef / Via

    This paleo friendly apple pie recipe will have you saying how thankful you are for delicious paleo food!

    16. Plant Powered Kitchen / Via

    Who said being gluten free was no fun? This gluten free apple pie is certainly not lacking in taste!

    17. Tablespoon / Via

    If you love cinnamon rolls and apple pie, this is the perfect recipe to combine your two favorite things that is sure to result in something spectacular!

    18. LaaLoosh / Via

    There's no fear of going over your WeightWatchers points this holiday season since this recipe is only 4 points a serving!

    19. Leite's Culinaria / Via

    We wonder how it's possible that this apple tart tastes as incredible as it looks!

    20. Oh Bite It / Via

    This is what would happen if a cookie and an apple pie had a baby. We'll take a dozen!

    21. Spend with Pennies / Via

    Some people really love apple pie. Some people love tacos. And some people want both. We're sure everyone at your dinner table will love this fusion.

    22. Deliciously Organic / Via

    Replacing almond flour makes this paleo and gluten free recipe taste like the classic apple pie you've grown to love.

    23. So How's it Taste? / Via

    This recipe gives the classic apple pie a twist by cooking it in a skillet, for yums heard around the table!

    24. Glorious Treats / Via

    This recipe for personal size apple pies in a jar is delicious and cute!

    25. Caramel Potatoes / Via

    This apple pie makes it's own top layer of crust, perfect for the busy baker!

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