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The ACTUAL Love Story That Mattered: Legolas And Gimli

I just read that post about Legolas and Aragon. I felt passionately enough to create an account to set the record straight.

Some people apparently got the idea that Legolas and Aragon were in love...

Those people are WRONG.

1. For starters, they're a bit like Romeo and Juliet.

2. But after the initial antagonism, they became super compatible.

3. Always competitive, but that kept the romance alive

4. And ALWAYS sassy

5. But their affection for one another was beyond precious

6. And they stayed together until the end

7. Now if you just want to imagine Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom together, that's cool

8. But don't take that out on these two

9. So to those Legolas/Aragon fans out there, whatevs

Also, I need a social life