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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION Five Things Only Foodies Know

Food Is Life!

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Five Things Only Foodies Know

Everyone has their hobbies. Some people enjoy art, others enjoy science and even sports, but there are some people who consider food to be there hobby. These people are known as foodies. Foodies are constantly looking for new recipes to follow, restaurants to visit and of course foods to eat. There are five things every food will understand in this journey we call life!

1. "Let's hang out!

When a foodie is asked to hang out with their friend, their main concern is where are they going to eat. Constantly thinking and thinking about what they want! Could it be pizza? Maybe Mexican? Chinese? It becomes an issue for the foodie because they want to make sure they are getting the best food they can get their hands on!

2. "I'm hungry!"

So the foodie and their friends just went out to eat of course the foodie is enjoying life right now because they just ate! However their next question is "Where should we get ice cream?" Now no one else but the foodie is hungry at this time. All of their friends question How? How is it that they are always hungry?!

3. Diet.

There is no time for a foodie to give up any type of food. Yeah they are always eating fast food and going out to eat but that is their hobby! There is no time in their life where the ever considered going on a diet!

4. Food Network.

Food Network is always on. No matter if they are at school, the gym or even at work they are always finding new ways to watch Food Network! This channel truly gives them new ideas on what to eat next!

5. Food is life.

In the end foodies truly do love every type of food.

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