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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION 10 Things 'Chopped' Fans Know To Well

"You've been Chopped.

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10 Things 'Chopped' Fans Know To Well

“You have 30 minutes to prepare an entrée using ____, ____ and ____” Chopped! "Chopped" is a competitive food competition where four chefs cook in a certain time span. Not only do they get to advertise who they are, they also get a chance to win $10,000! Fans of "Chopped" will be able to relate to these ten things.

1. “You have been chopped.”

Being chopped is the worst possible situation for each chef. However, for the fans, having certain chefs chopped is a good thing. If their favorite chef is chopped, it makes the rest of the episode hard to watch.

2. I can cook too!

Watching “Chopped” makes the fan want to be able to cook like the chefs and the judges. So they try to cook up “fancy” dishes, like peanut butter and jelly and macaroni and cheese. Getting the right photo angle will make their “fancy” dish look almost as good as the chefs!

3. Anxiety!

When Ted Allen announces the time remaining the fan will feel their heart racing! Five, four, three, two, one! And it’s over! Now the fan has to build up more anxiety while waiting for the announcement on who will be chopped!

4. Ted Allen.

Allen is every fans favorite! His thick black glasses and gray hair makes each fan smile while watching "Chopped." Even though he's the one telling the chopped chef to leave, he's still a fan favorite!

5. Why isn’t "Chopped" on?!

Food Network is a very popular channel. With shows such as "Cake Wars" and "Worst Cooks in America," each fan grows to love these shows. However, when "Chopped" isn’t on the fan constantly questions why?! Other shows grow on them, but "Chopped" will always be their favorite.

6. Always watching "Chopped."

Whether it's at home, at the gym on the treadmill or at school, a fan will always be watching "Chopped." Some people are up to date with shows like "The Walking Dead" and "Game Of Thrones," but true "Chopped" fans stay up to date with "Chopped" knowing each chef who has been chopped and crowned "Chopped" champion.

7. Cooking is drama.

With Allen's monologues in the beginning, and intense music, it makes "Chopped" seem like it's a drama! When they're chopped the music slowly changes to a more melodramatic tone making you feel like someone has been killed off your favorite drama.

8. It’s never boring.

Most shows have the same recurring characters. However, "Chopped" has new characters each episode! But, Allen of course is always there!

9. The basket.

It's always a fun thing for fans to try to guess what's in the mystery basket! Will it be chicken? Maybe beans? Or will it be red onions?!

10. "Chopped" is love. "Chopped" is life.

Each fan loves seeing their favorite show on! Not only is it relaxing to just sit down, eat a bowl of spaghetti and watch "Chopped," it's very exciting to see a new episode of "Chopped" on Food Network!

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