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    TV Show “Offspring” Will Return In 2016 And It's Pretty Damn Exciting

    Be cool with a K.

    Hit Australian show Offspring has finally been confirmed for another season, due to start in 2016.

    The show ended in mid-2014, after 5 seasons of laughs and tears with the Proudman family.


    While everything wrapped up rather smoothly, fans weren't ready to say goodbye just yet to the zany Nina Proudman and her work and life adventures.


    And with the confirmation of the show returning, naturally, people are pretty bloody excited.

    Apple-droppin' good news🍎 Wooo! @OffspringTV @channelten #Offspring @DebraOswald1

    #Offspring is coming back for a sixth season. I may have actually just cried from happiness. ping @HailsMcN @richardmehrtens

    Though there were a couple alternative storylines thrown in, most revolving around the beloved Patrick Reid.

    Ten are resurrecting #Offspring in 2016. Am hoping it includes zombie Patrick.


    We're ready for you Offspring.

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