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19 Reasons Why Drunk Partners Are Basically Babies

Crying, drooling and making absolutely no sense.

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1. They can't dress or undress themselves.

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2. They definitely can't take their shoes off.

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3. Their fine motor-skills are basically non-existent.

4. And they fall over a lot.

5. You can't understand them when they talk.

6. They definitely can't understand you when you talk, even though they're trying really hard.

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7. They get upset when they don't get fed.

8. And they get messy when they try and feed themselves.

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9. They will start crying for no reason.

10. And they don't know how to blow their own nose.

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11. But soon they'll start blabbering again, and forget why they were even crying.

12. They may vomit on themselves.

13. Sometimes they might even pee themselves.

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14. They will probably drool on your hand, phone or pillow, whatever's closest to them.

15. And if you're a female, they will try and grab your boob and think it's funny.

16. You have to put them to bed.

17. They will protest about going to bed.

It may involve more tears.
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It may involve more tears.

18. Though the reality is, they will fall asleep on any surface.

19. But they look so incredibly peaceful, that you can't help but love them...

...even if they've vomited on your fave jumper numerous times.
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...even if they've vomited on your fave jumper numerous times.