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18 Tweets About Periods That Will Make All Women Laugh Or Cry, Depending On Where You Are In Your Cycle

"Sorry if l ever showed you emotion, l was probably on my period."

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According to my period tracker app you’re about to die.


Me: I love babies so much, can't wait to have a mini me *period is late by 2 hours* me:


"Oh duh, it's PMS, it all makes sense now," she mumbled through chocolate-smeared lips as the house burned behind her.


Sorry if l ever showed you emotion, l was probably on my period


My skin will let you know if I’m on my period or not.


Wow uterus. Sorry I didn't get you pregnant. No need to throw a temper tantrum.


Period pain on the first day is a near death experience.


Periods are great bc who doesn’t want to be bloated, in pain, depressed, annoyed, and bleeding profusely all at the same time


A woman cut in front of me at the store with a box of tampons, ice cream, and wine in her cart. I wasn’t about to mess with that situation.


Why is 'horny' not a mood available on my period tracker app?


putting my overheating macbook charger on my stomach to help period cramps because I’m a modern woman


me(on my period): omg this is the worst, most inconvenient thing ever i never want to experience this again me(period is late): well...fuck.


I know I'm on my period because I found a yogurt in the back of my fridge I didn't know I had and started crying


When I put in a new tampon and five minutes later think, "but did I take out my old tampon?"


Just got a targeted ad for "the world's first reusable tampon applicator" and boy do I have news for these innovators about the sustainability cred of the human hand


a woman's period is like once a month her body accidentally hits caps lock on her emotions


If you've never had period cramps, have you ever been stabbed repeatedly in the lower abdomen? It's that but less fun.


I hate when ur period is late and u feel like ur gonna burst, ur boobs are gonna burst, ur uterus is gonna burst and ur just waiting for the ultimate burst but it’s FKKIN late and ur feelings are bursting ERYTHJNG IS GONNA BURST