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    27 Lessons Everyone Learns In Their Mid Twenties

    Your tolerance for alcohol goes down, and your hangovers get worse.

    1. You won't necessarily land your dream job straight out of uni.

    2. And at times you realise your uni degree was actually kind of pointless.

    3. You don't define yourself by having a large group of friends - it's now about who's there for you during the bad times as well as the good.

    4. And your patience for people who aren't good friends will fade quickly.

    5. You'll see people from high school settling down and doing the marriage and babies thing...

    6. ...while others will be traveling the world.

    7. But you know there's no point in comparing yourself to them, because you're comfortable now with following your own time-frame.

    8. There'll be a point where you walk into nightclubs you used to frequent regularly and wonder if you're too old for that scene.

    9. Oh, and the hangovers start getting a little bit worse.

    10. There'll be days you feel nostalgic for your college life or late teens.

    11. And other days where you'll feel relieved it's all over.

    12. At some point, you come to the sad realisation your metabolism isn't exactly what it used to be.

    13. So during weekdays you try to stay ~moderately~ healthy.

    14. On weekends you get a sudden urge to get out of the house and explore new things.

    15. But you also no longer feel forced to do everything social and feel OK being completely honest and just saying no.

    Whereas a few years earlier if an event popped up you didn't want to go to, you'd just make some "emergency" excuse.

    16. You find it easier to stand up for yourself, and also easier to take responsibility for your own actions.

    17. And your tolerance for people complaining about trivial things is completely depleted.

    18. You now appreciate how much your parents did for you on a far deeper level.

    19. And you often wonder how the hell they put up with you.

    20. But you appreciate the closer bond you have with them now that you’ve grown up.

    21. You start to master the art of budgeting.

    22. Contrary to your teens and early-twenties, you like to try to keep your life a little more private on social media.

    23. And you enjoy taking time off from all things social media.

    24. You now totally understand why older people in your life used to say "time flies!"

    25. So you make a conscious effort to remind yourself to really make the most of life.

    26. There'll still be days you actually have no idea WTF you're doing, or how to adult.

    27. But you soon learn, that's totally normal and OK.