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    17 Things That Prove Aussie Men Are The Most Romantic

    "Got a good rig."

    1. This romantic call-out to Shazza.

    2. This suave line from our 2016 bachelor.

    Channel 10

    3. This emotional announcement.

    4. This slang.

    5. This romantic gesture, teamed with an even more romantic description.

    6. This sentiment that would make any partner feel blessed.

    7. This romantic "wine and cheese" night.

    8. This date night.

    9. This thoughtful gesture.

    10. This sympathetic boyfriend.

    11. This heartwarming quote from a groom ready to settle down.

    Nine Network

    12. This deep thought.

    Nine Network

    13. And this epic line.

    14. These weekend plans.

    15. This (not quite) original one-liner.

    16. This legit pickup line that happened on national TV.

    Channel 7

    17. And this domestic husband.

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