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25 Of The Worst Main Characters From TV Shows

We asked, you vented.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which fictional TV characters they absolutely despised. Here are the best answers.


So many of y'all hate Ross Geller.

1. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


Literally every conversation she has with her "friends", she listens for 2.5 seconds and then interrupts to complain about her own life. She's needy, selfish, spoiled, and emotionally stunted. Plus, she cheated on Aiden.

I couldn't help but Carrie Bradshaw the worst protagonist in television history?

–Jay MK, Facebook

2. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother


Hey kids, remember when I took nine f*%king years to tell you a story about how I met your mother but wasted everyone else's time, was completely selfish, and ruined character development for all my best friends? ALSO I'm telling you about my sex, "sandwich", and drunk stories. Nice parenting, tool.

–Maya Mathews, Facebook

3. Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

The WB

She was the worst. She was selfish and liked to cause drama with her parents and boyfriends for no good reason. Worst character on the show and the main reason Rory turned out so awful.


4. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

The WB

Seriously, how does basically every dude in New England fall in love with her elitist Ivy League crap? She gets a married guy to sleep with her, breaks up his marriage, then not only does she ruin her relationship with her mother over it, she has the balls to do it all over again 10 years later with Logan. Karma’s a bitch; that’s why she can’t get a job.


5. Ross Geller, Friends


Ross Geller is genuinely the worst. He’s manipulative, possessive, jealous, controlling, and at the core he was borderline abusive. He was my favourite as I was growing up but now that I’m grown, every time I watch, I am appalled at some of the shit he does.


6. Piper Chapman, Orange Is the New Black


Her crimes against people of colour are bad enough. She started a white power group. It played off as an accident, but she directly targeted Latinas for doing something she was doing. She jerked around Alex (and left after her mother died!), jerked around stupid Larry, always feels the need to add her input, and she’s beyond entitled. Ban Piper Chapman.


7. Hannah Horvath, Girls


Hannah Horvath is a piece of shit. She has her moments, but the good in her never beats the bad. She’s selfish, annoying, entitled, prissy, and at times I just want to scream into the television, “You are the worst representation of a modern woman currently on television!”


8. Rachel Berry, Glee


I hated her from the very beginning, crying when she wouldn’t get a solo every day of her life. So it was even more frustrating when the final two seasons revolved mostly around her! You will never find a main character as annoying and whiny as her.


9. Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy


OMG, she’s infuriating. I gave up on that show years ago. Meredith was the worst! Whiny, self-absorbed, entitled, and unfortunately since she’s the title character you know she’s there to stay. No hope. No way out.


10. Rachel Green, Friends


I LOVE Friends, but Rachel goes through little character development and is really entitled, whiny, and mean. Whenever Ross dates another woman she gets SOOO pissed and usually manipulates the relationship... even though SHE is always the one who ends things with Ross.


11. Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl


I loved her at the beginning of the show, and she really was a character that I held dear to my heart because I could relate so much to her, but they just kept making her storyline go in a circle over and over. She ruined her life again and again, and disappointed her dad without fail every time. She just seemed to never learn and it got old really fast.


12. Jess Day, New Girl


I loooove Zooey Deschanel so I was naturally excited for this show! Imagine my disappointment when her character was a dumb, immature caricature of a female.


13. Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin


I just can’t stand that she always has to be right, always is the innocent one, and always cries when things don’t go her way. It’s annoying and I feel bad for the times she’s made Rafael and Michael heartbroken.


14. Marissa Cooper, The OC


The worst. The. Worst. Forever ignoring every piece of good advice she ever got and just doing whatever she wanted.


15. President Fitzgerald Grant, Scandal


He is such a hypocrite and so selfish.


16. Dawson Leery, Dawson's Creek


He was so whiny! The show was way better when it focused more on the other characters, especially Jen, Jack, and Pacey.


17. Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time


She never takes into consideration the feelings of the people around her, and when somebody does try to help her out, she ignores them. Plus, her “I’m the saviour, look at me, look at me” attitude gets really boring after a while.


18. Susan Mayer, Desperate Housewives


I'm not sure if it's her needy and clumsy characteristics, or Teri Hatcher's portrayal, but I find her annoying and often wonder what it would be like without her or with a different actress.


19. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl


I absolutely despised Dan throughout the show. He’s so self-obsessed, and even though he acts just as entitled to things as the rich kids do, he’s so arrogant and judgmental and thinks he’s somehow better than anyone else? He’s honestly just awful.


20. Raymond (and his parents), Everybody Loves Raymond


Ray and his parents were the absolute worst! He was a selfish man-child with no backbone and he would do anything to try to get out of helping around the house or being with his kids. Then Marie would barge in unannounced and uninvited, criticising, taking over... she clearly played favourites with Ray and Robert. And Frank was brash and ill-mannered, coming into Ray and Debra's house and unzipping his pants and taking over their TV. Honestly this show was the worst.

–Naila Warren, Facebook

21. Andrea, The Walking Dead


In the comics she is AMAZING. She's smart, strong, independent, loyal, and an overall badass. TV Andrea was a selfish idiot who thought with her vagina rather than her own head, as she would rather sleep with the villains of the show than protect her own group. She had five million chances to kill the Governor and she didn't do it, and because of that half of the main characters in the show are dead.

–Hayden Thomas Veach, Facebook

22. Nancy Botwin, Weeds


She is the most awful person ever! At first I was like, "OK, she is in a tough spot, she is going to sell some pot in her suburban neighborhood. Not the smartest choice, but I'll give it a shot." But Nancy?! She is lazy, selfish, made the worst choices ever, and put herself and her children in constant danger. She was given multiple chances to go straight, but never did, because she loved the drama and danger.

–Deanna Starnes, Facebook

23. Fiona Gallagher, Shameless


She started out as the best character on the show. She was smart, funny, relatable, and would do anything for her family (with the exception of her deadbeat dad). Then she became the most annoying, self-entitled, whiny bitch.


24. Walter White, Breaking Bad


He wanted to be a powerful kingpin, but he didn't want to have to own his shit. Walt claimed to do everything to take care of his family, but bailed when there was an actual risk. He was only willing to risk his life when it was already over. I just kept hoping they would kill him off and make it the Gus, Mike, and Jesse show.

–Cherryll Batty, Facebook

25. Oliver Queen, Arrow


Dude is terrible, treats the women he apparently loves like shit, and never suffers any consequences. And the audience forgives him because he is pretty-looking.

–Molly Smith, Facebook