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    24 Things You Miss About School That You Never Thought You Would

    All about that student discount.

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    1. Hanging out with your friends every day.


    2. The fact you'd get free travel to school.

    All praise the bus pass.

    3. Taking great pride in decorating your books and lockers each year.

    4. Getting recess breaks after one or two long hours of class.


    5. Not to mention, guaranteed 45-minute lunches.


    With NO interruptions.

    6. Finishing no later than 3:30 p.m. every day.


    7. And you'd always get home before it got dark.


    So much more time for activities.

    8. Being able to get out of household chores because you had to "study".


    Really you'd be on MSN like "omg, and what else did Josh say about me?!"

    9. Not having to call or email in for a sick day.

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    10. Not having the pressure of thinking of what to wear every morning.

    Youtube: BritneySpearsVEVO

    Uniforms are great in hindsight.

    11. Having a class totally dedicated to making weird "art" - like clay pots.


    12. The free periods where you could technically just sit there and do nothing for an hour.


    13. Taking advantage of sick bay to miss maths because of a "headache".

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    14. Perfecting the art of wagging class to go to Macca's.

    15. The glorious student discounts.


    16. The proud feeling of actually doing really well in an exam or assignment.


    17. And having your parents reward you for it.


    Hey Mum and Dad, I don't see you taking me out for dinner because I got through another work day.

    18. Getting substitute or student teachers and knowing the class was going to be an absolute bludge.


    19. Doing partner work in class and using it as a convenient time to catch up with your friends.

    20. Dressing up for sports carnivals and walking around all day in some weird costume and having that be completely normal.

    21. Two words: Canteen food.

    22. Copying other people's homework answers and rarely getting caught out.

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    You'd now get fired for stealing someone else's work.

    23. Thursday night shopping was actually a fun thing to do.

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    Now it's like, the biggest pain in the ass.

    24. And you didn't have to rely on coffee to get you through the day.

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