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19 Things That Accurately Sum Up Being A Twentysomething In Australia

I could start saving to pay off my HECs or I could spend $500 on Splendour in the Grass instead.

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1. Having an internal crisis over paying off your HECs debt.

And promptly ditching it for another priority.

3. Spending way too much time figuring out if you want to settle down in a full-time job or go on a gap year overseas.

And then posting something really relatable on your social media networks about it, as though that's meant to help you decide.


5. And wondering if your poor, aging body can even deal with another three-day Splendour or Falls binge.

9. Realising you're slowly getting out of touch with what is cool with the younger generations, like their love for 5SOS.

What... does this mean?


17. Not even batting an eyelid every time there's a change of prime minister.

Wikipedia: Sport in Australia. #auspol

And remembering the good old days when you had the same PM for ELEVEN whole years.

18. Getting a little over politicians twice your age, telling you how easy it is to get a job / buy a house.

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