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    We Watched Episode 4, Season 7 Of "PLL" And Had Many, Many Thoughts

    The party don't start, 'til Jenna walks in.

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    Hello. Please forgive us for missing the last two episodes. We fell asleep in the second ep, but thankfully the third episode reinvigorated our interest. So here we go again.

    1. OHHH! This makes sense as to why they were digging a grave in the first episode.

    2. Lmao haven't they learned though???

    3. How many goddamn graves have they dug in the middle of the night over the last six seasons?

    4. Hanna is gonna have a breakdown very soon. For sure.

    5. Literally why can’t they still go to the police?

    6. Yaaas Aria, come in with that common sense.

    7. Why on earth would the people of Rosewood believe Elliot skipped town?

    8. Only the girls know he’s a dirtbag, so their reasoning doesn’t exactly make sense.

    9. To everyone else, he’s Alison’s loving husband and a polite British doctor.

    10. Holy shit I am so here for crazy Alison looking eerie in her white hospital gown though.

    11. Idk why they're so stressed about all this murder cover-up. They should be used to this.


    12. I often forget Toby is a policeman still because we keep seeing him building houses so I just assumed he’s a carpenter now.

    13. Look, dumb cop Toby knows how to use a computer!

    14. Just when I think he can’t surprise me anymore, he truly does.

    15. OMG at Hanna finding bloody windshield glass in her hair.

    16. Like, I get she’s been through a traumatic time but I’m not sure why she looks so SHOCKED to find glass in her hair, she was in a full-on car accident.

    17. I’m definitely here for angry, snappy Spencer cleaning up everyone’s messes again (literally).

    18. Oh God hello Caleb.

    19. This is all kinds of awkward.

    20. Stop these crocodile tears.

    21. I still feel like this whole relationship is fake, I know the writers are trying but c’mon.

    22. I feel like they have been together for like three weeks.

    23. It’s just not even remotely believable.

    24. “I couldn’t stop thinking of that cleft in your chin...” WHO WROTE THIS?!

    25. This is the lamest scene I have ever seen in this show. Which tbh, says a lot.


    26. Why do these girls always break into the psychiatric hospital at night?

    27. And doesn’t Aria realise as soon as Alison says something like “make sure to check this area”, it truly means “bye bitch, Imma run away now”.

    28. Aria you’re meant to be a writer, read between the lines.

    29. Ha, I forgot that Emily is a bartender again.

    30. Spencer is so whiney today.

    31. Emily rolling her eyes at Spencer whinging about Hanna kissing Caleb is all of us.

    32. "I don't know what to say,” lmao wow Em, such a good friend.

    33. Emily has no time for people’s relationship bullshit.

    34. Why are there no lights on in the corridors of this hospital though?

    35. Why didn't ANYONE notice Ali was gone?

    36. Why do the staff always use the fire stairs to get around?

    37. Why is there only one nurse?

    38. Honestly I have so many goddamn questions about this bloody hospital.


    39. Who is that guy buying Spence a drink?

    40. Are we meant to know him?

    41. Rosewood has made me suss on everyone.

    42. He does look familiar but also I may just recognise him from another low-budget teen drama that I’ve watched.

    43. Yesssssss Ali sharing a flashback!

    44. I am missing something in this story here tbh.

    45. I thought Rollins loved Charlotte, so why were he and Ali hooking up already?

    46. OK, it’s probably been explained but I’m bad at paying attention to this show.

    47. Oh god Rollins’ face mask is back.

    48. ARIA!!! PUT GLOVES ON!!!!


    50. Have you learned nothing?!

    51. Has Spencer taught you nothing?!

    52. “Hi I’m Marco.”

    53. “I’m leaving.”

    54. YAS what a line.

    55. You tell him Spence.

    56. I get that someone needs to go back and get the car, but was sending Aria and Hanna really a good choice?

    57. And why do they think burning it is a good plan? Surely that will look suspicious. A burnt out car in the middle of the woods.

    58. Also do they really think those goggles are gonna do anything?



    61. I bet there is a camera in there and Spencer is gonna be blackmailed with the tape very soon.

    62. Spencer seeing her own reflection and getting freaked out is literally me. Except not during a passionate kissing scene, just like, every day.


    63. Lmao Aria and Hanna lost the car. Nice one.


    65. I love the idea she was hiding behind a tree somewhere waiting for Aria and Hanna to come back so she could make a dramatic entrance.

    66. I would expect nothing less from her tbh.

    67. Omg Mona is such a queen though for tracking Rollins.

    68. Even Spencer wouldn’t have been smart enough to do that.

    69. Wait, Rollins had a burner phone? Oh man, what if they buried it with him by accident? Oopsie.

    70. Whoa Emily is MAD.

    71. Omfg another Emily eye roll when the relationships are brought up, I’m living for this.

    72. I imagine her internal monologue is like “Spencer, what did you think would happen when you hook up with your bestie’s ex?”

    73. AKA I imagine her internal monologue is mine.

    74. Honestly, this was never going to be drama-free.

    75. I’m impressed Spencer is backing up to drink mimosas.

    76. A+ hangover recovery.




    80. Good to see Tammin Sursok hasn't worked on her accent.

    81. Why is everyone wearing turtlenecks though? Damn.

    82. How did Jenna make her way down the hall, around the corner and somehow still hear Hanna’s voice amongst the tapping of her cane.

    83. And straight up just knows everyone is there, I call BS.

    84. “Oh didn’t you hear. My house blew up.” How casual.

    85. She’s got bad luck when it comes to explosions.


    86. Hmm why is Toby so surprised to see Jenna, aren’t they related? Shouldn’t they be in contact?

    87. Why are all these scenes with Jenna so goddamn funny? I don't think they’re meant to be.

    88. Oooh what happened three years ago with these two?!

    89. God these scenes where the characters are hacking phones are just so hard to believe.

    90. Look at that screen.

    91. OK, I’m sad that Hanna and Jordan broke up but also idgaf and can we focus on the issue at hand?

    92. Oh man, dumb Hanna lost her bracelet.

    93. Mona’s annoyed, “you’re joking right?” speaks to me on a spiritual level.

    94. Why are the cops all over Welby?

    95. God Emily and Aria as a team are an even worse combo than Hanna and Aria.

    96. Oops and Caleb is gone. What a shame.

    97. Caleb loves a good dramatic “clear out the closest” exit.

    98. He’s a bigger girl than any of us.

    99. Unless he’s done a Hanna, and got kidnapped.


    100. Holy shit it’s Mary Drake. What you gonna do to Ali?!

    101. Wait… when did Alison get her weird mask thing off.

    102. How dramatic does Toby have to be when he says that Elliot has been dead for 15 years?

    103. He needs to win some sort of an award for dramatic pause.

    104. DUMB COP TOBY! “He’s gone because he must’ve caught onto the fact we’re onto him”! He’s so sure too. God bless his dumb little heart.

    105. Go eat some gummi bears mate.

    106. Hanna and Mona are breaking into this car in the literal middle of the day with people everywhere?

    107. Very suspicious.


    109. The burner!!!

    110. Wait… Jenna?

    111. Who tf is Archer????? Rollins???

    112. Wait Archer starts with A… A.D.?????

    113. Boom, we've solved it.

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