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3 May 2017

What Has Been The Most WTF Story Line On "Home And Away"?

Shit, VJ really aged overnight. Literally, overnight.

Home and Away is an ICONIC Aussie show and I will not hear anyone try to say otherwise.

Seven Network

But like many soaps, some of the story lines can be... well, quite ridiculous.

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Like the time the Sutherland twins had a psychic connection but then it turned out they weren't even related?

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Or maybe it was the time VJ was born hearing impaired, but then all of a sudden he was fine, AND THEN he really grew up overnight. Really.

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And perhaps you've never quite got over the fact Hayley really turned into a different person. Literally.

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Tell us in the comments below the Home and Away story line that left you SHOOK, for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.