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People Are Really Mad About "The Bachelor" Australia's Shock Elimination

Everyone's fave cool girl has left the building.

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She was thought to potentially win Bachelor Woody's heart, but crowd favourite Heather Maltman's time on The Bachelor has come to a teary end.

Needless to say, many fans of The Bachelor aren't exactly thrilled.

What I'd say if I ever saw Sam in the street #TheBachelorAU

What actual heartbreak looks like. I think I just made hurt puppy noises #TheBachelorAu

There were tears...

Me post-Bachie. Fully snotty sobbing. #MarchForHeather #TheBachelorAU

Seriously never thought I would cry watching this show, but you got me twice tonight! Well played, Bachie, well played! #TheBachelorAU

Anger and disbelief...

This stupid show has made me so mad 😂😂😂 #TheBachelorAU

God damn it batchie! #thebachelorau @TheBachelorAU

I need ice-cream... or maybe a superhero costume.. or a jelly pit. Or all 3. I won't get over this quickly. #TeamHeather #thebachelorau

And people were just NOT OK.

Calling in sick to work tomorrow bc of this emotional turmoil #thebachelorau

But there was a huge rally of support for the 29-year-old aspiring film director.

Sam you loser!!! #TheBachelorAU #TeamHeather

This story of Heather's is just about the best, most beautiful and interesting thing I've seen on TV in ages. @TheBachelorAU #teamheather

oh my god my heart is breaking for her i just wanna give her a cuddle #thebachelorau

While the shock elimination still has us reeling, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel...

HEATHER FOR THE BACHELORETTE 2016 #TheBachelor #thebachelorAU #thebachelorette

Coming to @Channelten in 2016...#TheBachelorette starring'll see! #TheBachelorAU

Heather #TheBacheloretteAU 2016. I want it. I need it. *Then* the healing can begin. #TheBachelorAU

Heather for The Bachelorette 2016? Would 100% watch.

We love you Heather!

We love you Heather!