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19 Things UOW Students Would Never Say

"Parking at uni is so cheap and accessible!"

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1. "Wow, Building 19 is so easy to navigate!"

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2. "This university layout makes total sense."

3. "I'm so glad there's sufficient parking at UOW."

4. "The food on campus is absolutely delicious."

5. "OMG I ended up at Fever last night, it was the best."

6. "Wow, the new changes to Crown Street Mall happened so fast!"

7. "I totally understand why people go to the library and hog all the computers to catch up on their social media."


8. "I never get mad when people talk on the quiet level of the library, just let them live!"

9. "This Chicko's burger is just too small."

10. "This structure makes total sense!"

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11. "I love using SOLs at the start of the semester to pick my tutes, it's not nerve-wracking at all."

12. "I got put in a group with the Shire kids for an assignment, YAY, I'm so excited!"

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13. "The ducks at UOW are so friendly."

14. "The bright and friendly service at Panizzi is the highlight of my day."

15. "It makes total sense that everyone leaves their bags outside of UniCentre. I feel so safe doing that."

16. "You want to climb Mt Keira? YAASS I thought you'd never ask!"

17. "I always make the best decisions at The Grand / Glasshouse."

18. "Also Hotel Illawarra, I make some good fucking decisions at Retro."

19. "There's just not enough new, hipster caf├ęs or bars popping up in Wollongong."