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18 Ways Australian Formals Are Very Different To American Proms

Prom Queen? I don't know her.

1. Your date didn't pick you up, corsage in hand.

2. In fact, you probably just rocked up with your friends.

3. Though some people had entrances that were better than others.


Yes, that is a fire truck.

4. High school formals didn't have a super cool ~theme~.


Winter snow ball? In summer? Doubtful.

5. So the decorations weren't exactly... exciting.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

A background and some roses if you were lucky!

6. It was highly likely that no one was spiking the punch, like they do in American films.


Mainly because the punch doesn't exist.

7. So unless you were already 18 and could legally buy drinks at the venue, most formals were pretty damn dry.


8. There was no such thing as Prom Queen or King.


9. Actually, if there were any awards at all, they weren't exactly much to brag about.

10. Most of the time, you were just sweating in your dress or suit.


11. The teachers made a lot of boring speeches before the thought of music was even introduced.


12. Most of the dancing playlist consisted of upbeat bangers vs. the slow dances that seem to appear on every prom scene in TV shows.

Channel 10

13. There was no such thing as getting a hotel room after for you and your formal date.

Paramount Pictures

And miss the after-party?! God no.

14. The after-party was easily the highlight of the whole night.

15. And they were most often held at someone's house, with plenty of Vodka Cruisers and some sort of fire pit.

16. In reality, your parents would probably drop you off, and pick you up.

Walt Disney Pictures

No cool dates in cool cars, everyone was probably too wasted by the end of the after-party.

17. And you'd have to act like you weren't ~that~ drunk.


18. But all in all, you wouldn't change the true blue Aussie experience for anything.

School formal done and dusted only 3 drunks and 2 were teachers hahaha

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