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    24 Jul 2017

    19 Of The Funniest Tweets About This Season Of "MasterChef"

    "My favourite part of MasterChef Australia is when the judges mansplain the contestant's dishes to each other."


    Four of Australia's greatest chefs yet the very greatest isn't there #masterchefau


    Tamara could have cracked opened a packed of Monte Carlos and the judges would have raved. #masterchefau



    my favorite part of masterchef australia is when judges mansplain the contenstant's dishes to each other


    *#MasterChefAu judges approach bench*: You need to calm down. Contestant: Yep. Judges: But hurry up! Contestant: Ok. Judges: Relax m8 wtf?!


    God I'm laying on the couch and im stressing hard about these dishes being finished how did they do it #masterchefAU


    My God! It takes me 60 minutes to defrost, butter and then spread Vegemite on a slice of bread. #MasterChefAU


    Judges: make up some bullshit story about a chef that doesn't exist The contestants: OH MY GOD OF COURSE I'VE HEARD OF THEM #MasterChefAU


    Me: A cheeseburger meal thanks. Employee: This cheeseburger was inspired by a happy time in my life Me: Nah m8 u can keep it #MasterChefAU


    If I had this mystery box I'd be serving up "Crying in the pantry with the lid on my head" #Masterchefau


    Matt: Tamara's concept is great Me: ITS A BROWNIE IN AN ORANGE #MasterchefAU


    I'll be expecting Bunnings to serve me their sausage sizzle on a bed of dry ice #MasterChefAU


    Me: *serves chicken schnitzel* Judges: the challenge was to reinvent creme brulee Me: still closer than Karlie's wellington #masterchefau


    "Yeah I squirted tomato sauce into a side bowl. Its my take on tomato soup & takes me back to hiking in Nepal." "Amazing!" #masterchefau


    I give the same reaction as the judges whenever the teenage kid hands me my bag of McDonalds through the drive thru window #masterchefau


    How are you dressing the crab? Me: I'm going to make the crab wear some denim two ways #masterchefau


    “The moment I see mackerel, my head empties of everything but the memory of the mackerel who betrayed me” #masterchefAU


    Gary: So what are you calling the dish? Me as a contestant: Eric. #MasterChefAU


    Soon someone's just going to tip the entire contents of a Mystery Box directly into an ice cream machine and call it a day. #MasterChefAU

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