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    14 Questions NRL Fans Have For AFL Fans

    Where's the biff?

    1. Why are your player's shorts so tight?

    2. Is this seriously what you consider "tackling"?

    Paul Kane / Getty Images

    Kinda looks like a piggy back ride tbh.

    3. Why are AFL players so much better looking than NRL ones?

    4. No, seriously, how do they still look attractive in this?

    5. You realise you can't score tries right?

    Paul Kane / Getty Images

    6. Actually, why don't you score tries? Does it get boring just kicking the ball all the time?

    7. What exactly is the purpose of bouncing the ball so often? Just to prove you can do it? / Creative Commons / Creative Commons

    8. Is this your version of a "fight"?

    Mark Nolan / Getty Images

    9. Why do you handball instead of passing?

    Quinn Rooney / Getty Images
    Getty Images

    10. Like you realise you could probably pass it a lot faster and with more distance if you just did it normally right?

    Getty Images

    That just really looks like it's going nowhere.

    11. Why do you bounce the ball to start play?

    Channel 10

    You really seemed to be obsessed with bouncing balls, are you OK?

    12. What do you call this move?

    Morne De Klerk / Getty Images

    13. What do you think when you see this guy?

    14. And do you ever wish you still had an AFL version of State of Origin?

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