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    Here's What Australian Musicians Look Like In Their First Video

    They grow up so fast.

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed


    1. This includes the artists' very first official music video, regardless of whether they originally started out in a band. (Not including lyric or promotional videos).

    2. It will be put against the latest official music video of theirs, but once again not including lyric or promotional videos.

    3. Yes, The Veronicas started as a duo and are still a duo, but they are goddamn Aussie queens.

    1. Delta Goodrem


    Delta's first video: "I Don't Care" (2001)

    Delta's latest video: "Wings" (2015)

    Currently: After finishing up on The Voice, Delta is about to star in the musical Cats, as well as release her fifth studio album.

    2. Darren Hayes

    Darren's first video: "I Want You" (1996 as part of duo Savage Garden)

    Darren's latest music video: "Stupid Mistake" (2012)

    Currently: Hayes' podcast The He Said, He Said Show with comedian Tim Stanton debuted early 2015.

    3. Daniel Johns

    Daniel's first single: "Tomorrow" (1994 as part of band Silverchair)

    Daniel's latest video: "Going on 16" (2015)

    Currently: Johns' released his debut album Talk in May this year, which peaked at number two on the ARIA charts. Rumours have it, he still is a real person, not an animation.

    4. Jessica Mauboy

    Jessica's first single: "Running Back" (ft. Flo Rida, 2008)

    Jessica's latest single: "The Day Before I Met You" (2015)

    Currently: Jessica is working on her fourth studio album due for release in 2016.

    5. Matt Corby

    Youtube: MattCorbyau
    Youtube: MattCorbyau

    Matt's first single: "Letters"

    Matt's latest single: "Resolution"

    Currently: Ever the man of mystery, Matt's been keeping a low profile since his last EP release... but do keep your eyes peeled for one of his famous secret garden shows.

    6. Kylie Minogue

    Youtube: Kylie Minogue
    Youtube: Kylie Minogue

    Kylie's first single: "The Loco-motion" (1987)

    Kylie's latest single: "I Was Gonna Cancel" (2014)

    Currently: After touring extensively in 2014, it's rumoured Kylie will be releasing a Christmas holiday album of covers of her own songs as well as some original songs later in 2015.

    7. Cody Simpson

    Cody's first single: "Iyiyi" (ft. Flo Rida, 2010)

    Cody's latest single: "New Problems" (2015)

    Currently: Cody's latest album Free was recently released and he is currently touring in the States.

    8. Natalie Imbruglia

    Youtube: ImNatalieImbruglia

    Natalie's first single: "Torn" (1997)

    Natalie's latest single: "Want" (2009)

    Currently: In July 2015, Natalie released her fifth studio album Male, covering famous songs by a range of male musicians.

    9. Guy Sebastian

    Guy's first single: "Angels Brought Me Here" (2003)

    Guy's latest single: "Mama Ain't Proud" (ft. 2 Chainz 2014)

    Currently: After representing Australia in Eurovision, Guy is about to return to the judging panel of Australia's 2015 edition of The X Factor.

    10. The Veronicas

    The Veronica's first single: "4ever" (2005)

    The Veronica's latest single: "Cruel" (2015)

    Currently: The duo spent 2015 touring with fellow Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer, and have apparently started work on their fourth album.

    11. Shannon Noll

    Youtube: ShannonNollVEVO

    Shannon's first single:"What About Me?" (2004)

    Shannon's latest single: "We Only Live Once" (2014)

    Currently: Shannon's been keeping a bit of a low profile since State of Origin 2015, but we're sure he's up WOLO-ing somewhere.

    12. Missy Higgins

    Youtube: Warner Bros Records
    Youtube: Missy Higgins

    Missy's first single: "Scar" (2004)

    Missy's latest single: "Shark Fin Blues" (2014)

    What's next: Missy released Oz in 2014, an album of cover versions from Australian artists and composers. She gave birth to her first child earlier this year.

    13. Keith Urban

    Keith's first single: "Only You" (1991)

    Keith's latest single: "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" (2015)

    Currently: Keith's latest single was only released a couple months ago, with his eighth American studio album due out this year.

    14. Sia

    Sia's first single: "Taken For Granted" (2000)

    Sia's latest single: "Fire Meet Gasoline" (2015)

    Currently: Rumours have swirled since February that Sia and her wig could drop their next album This Is Acting anytime soon. STAY TUNED!

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