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Shannon Noll Was Arrested And Everyone Is Making The Same Joke

He gets pushed around, knocked to the ground...

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ICYMI, Aussie singer Shannon Noll was arrested and charged with two counts of assault over the weekend.

#ShannonNoll clashes with security after being kicked out of Adelaide strip club. DETAILS:…

Noll allegedly assaulted a bouncer outside of The Crazy Horse, an Adelaide strip club.

Of course, the general public are having quite a time with this news.

I refuse to believe Shannon Noll is guilty until it is announced by Andrew G in front of a panel of 3 judges

And, well, the main joke is obvious right?

Shannon Noll charged with assault. Apparently he was pushed around kinocked to the ground, then he got to his feet and he screeeeeeamed ...


It is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Shannon Noll. Really. You've made Monday bearable to get through.

Poor Shannon Noll got pushed around and knocked to the ground.

He gets pushed around, knocked to the ground, he gets to his feet & he says....." Let me back into CrazyHorse, I'm Shannon Noll" #crazyhorse

BREAKING NEWS - Shannon Noll charged with loitering after standing at the counter of the corner shop for too long

This may be one of the most iconic phrases of the year already.

"I'm shannon noll let me back into the crazy horse" the most beautiful phrase I could wish for on the news