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Hey America, FYI This Is What A Pen License Is

It's actually a real thing in Australia.

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Also, shoes are kinda just a choice in Australia, not a necessity.


So at the tender age of eight or so, you must practice your cursive writing in pencil, until one day you achieve the goal your little heart has been striving for - throwing away that stupid pencil and graduating to using a pen.


Some school's even implement "handwriting licenses" which means you can't write in cursive until you get that.

Obtaining your pen license is a proud day for any Aussie child. Once you're granted that simple piece of paper that gives you permission to use a pen, you're basically ready to take on the WORLD.

Having said that though, some children never did receive their pen license. I guess their handwriting sucked. Not really sure what happened when they hit Year 5 and 6, but I assume they just started illegally using pens.

Anyway, hope that clears some things up for y'all.