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17 Things All Fidgety People Will Understand

Walk and talk, walk and talk.

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1. You constantly switch positions while sitting down.

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2. In fact it's the only way you can get through uni or working days with ease.

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3. You didn't necessarily always hate working in retail, because you had the chance to be moving around a lot.


4. So when you move to a job that involves sitting down for the day, it's a nasty shock to start with.


5. During meetings at work, you probably shift your position (as discreetly as you can) every five to ten minutes.

6. And a lot of the times people around you are asking if you're OK.

I'm fine. Just restless.

7. You tend to fidget with whatever is placed in front of you. A lot.


Everything from a pen to the straw in your drink.

8. Because any movement is better than none.


9. Binge watching TV shows is great and all, but you break it up with stretching your legs and pacing your house a lot in between episodes.

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10. And any movie longer than two hours? Nope.


11. When you get restless in bed you tend to spend a lot of your time tossing, turning and looking a little like this.


12. And even when you're sleeping, you still don't remain still.


13. Meaning the next day when you're overly tired, it somehow seems to make you even more restless.


14. When people want to have long conversations you make them walk with you...

15. you can be productive while they're ranting away.

It's that constant movement thing you know.

16. You'll pretty much take any excuse to walk to another part of your office.


"My drink bottle is... half empty... better go fill it up."

17. And reading this post is probably hitting some weird nerve in you and exacerbating your restlessness.

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