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    19 Things Only People With Short Girlfriends Will Relate To

    It's kinda easy to lose them in a crowd.

    1. It's easy to lose them in the crowd, if you're on a power-walking mission.


    2. Ditto at concerts and festivals.

    3. The shower head is mysteriously lowered whenever you go in after them.

    4. And if you ever reposition it too high, you'll definitely hear about it.


    5. You'll potentially find kitchen items on the lower shelves in the house.

    6. If not, you'll definitely walk in on them doing this.

    7. Or you'll have to reach things for them ALL THE TIME.

    8. And there's probably been one or two moments when you've tripped over their stepladder in your house.

    9. If you share a car, you know it's a constant battle of moving the seat back and forth into both of your preferred positions.

    10. It can be super hard to get a decent photo of the two of you.

    11. Or at least a decent selfie when you're both standing.

    12. And when you hug them, their head goes straight into your chest region.

    13. They're quite easy to pick up...

    14. ...and may take advantage of you for piggy-back rides from time to time.


    15. It's adorable when they're trying to be the little spoon, but let's be real, it doesn't always work.


    16. At times you need to bend down to even hear what they're saying to you.

    17. But you now know better than to ask them to speak up.

    18. On the plus side, you definitely don't have to deal with someone taking up too much space in the bed.


    19. And there's rarely any arguments over who gets shotgun when it comes to the best seat on a plane or in the car.

    You and your longer legs will generally always win.

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