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23 Things That Will Take All Aussies Back To Their High School Days

P.E. in summer? No thank you.

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1. You were always doing something to make your school uniform look a little more ~cool~.

Plaid isn't always easy to work with. But rolling up your skirt to make it appear shorter seemed like a genius idea at the time.

7. In summer when the heat turned deathly, instead of getting to go home you just had to sit in a classroom at lunchtime.


Whoever made up those rumours of going home when it hit 40 degrees celcius were dirty liars.

12. Late night shopping on Thursday nights was a big thing... even if you didn't buy anything, it was just where everyone would be.

20. Hearing the words "journeys", "change" or "belonging" in Year 12 made you cringe.

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Honestly, I do not care about how imaginative journeys impact individuals, please stop.

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