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    27 Annoying AF Male TV Characters

    Of course Ted and Ross are on this list.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which main characters from their favourite TV shows they just couldn't stand. Here are some of the best answers.

    1. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory


    I know it's his character, but he is so annoying, arrogant, and selfish and I can't stand people like that. Sometimes he gets on my nerves so much I want to turn off the show.


    2. Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy


    Personally, I think Derek was a lot more whiny and entitled than Meredith, and I was relieved when they killed him off because I was just so sick of his attitude.

    –Allie Lotz, Facebook

    3. Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars


    Like you're a grown-ass man and you want a relationship with a 16-year-old girl? The whole thing is disturbing, and the show tries to make it look okay. It's not okay!


    4. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother


    God, I hate Ted and that stupid ending.


    5. Taylor Doose, Gilmore Girls


    I don't know how no one punched that man. He's literally a prick for the sake of being a prick.


    6. Cam Tucker, Modern Family


    He constantly manipulates and bullies his partner, Mitchell. His selfishness is often a blemish on the show for me.


    7. Todd Quinlan, Scrubs


    Scrubs is one of my favorite shows, but Todd's frat boy personality and his sexual remarks just really rubbed me the wrong way. There could be a funny scene and "The Todd" would just ruin it.


    8. Don Draper, Mad Men


    I absolutely love the show and he's an interesting character to follow, but his moral compass makes me sick. It's hard to watch the way he treats his wife, the multiple women he sleeps with, and his female employees. Even his kids! He's just such a horrible man.


    9. Josh Chan, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


    I just don't understand what Rebecca sees in him.


    10. Seth Cohen, The O.C.


    Why? Because he is a pretentious, self-obsessed, arrogant brat that was funny at first but then made me want to body-slam him for the stupid shit he did. He victimizes himself every single time.


    11. John Winchester, Supernatural


    He is the absolute worst. He's emotionally abusive, neglectful, and it's hinted that he was physically abusive as well. The boys should've just let him go off and do his thing rather than trying to find him constantly. He's a bad father.


    12. Mr. Big, Sex and the City


    Never saw the attraction other than his pretty face. Wouldn't commit, wouldn't say he loved Carrie, wouldn't leave. Cheated on his wife, almost moved across the country without saying goodbye, the list goes on. Douchebag.


    13. Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead


    He's a horrible leader, and compared to the other people on the show he's really bland. If the creators killed him off I wouldn't be that mad.


    14. Ross Geller, Friends


    He is entitled, selfish, irresponsible, boring, and judgmental. I can barely watch Friends because he is so unlikeable.


    15. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl


    He's a sociopath and a narcissist who doesn't care who he hurts. Needs to be sectioned!


    16. Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries


    I know this will probably be an ~unpopular opinion~, but let's all be honest: He's a pretty shitty person. He used people as play things by controlling them, killing them, and turning them. He literally used Caroline as a blood bank and servant. He constantly tormented everyone around him. He was selfish, self-serving, and probably a narcissist. And people act like he's just "damaged" or whatever. No, he's psychotic.


    17. Archie Andrews, Riverdale


    Although he is hot and can sing, he's shitty to his friends and whines about problems that aren't actually problems.


    18. Danny Pink, Doctor Who

    BBC One

    I don't know why, but he just infuriates me. He just was TOO sensitive, and got angry at Clara when she made jokes, and he was always too awkward and acted like he knew everything. I also think that the Doctor and Clara should be with one another, and so I was happy when he died.


    19. Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill


    I HATE him. Brooke Davis is one of the best TV characters of all time IMO and she was waaay too good for him. As far as I'm concerned, when he left the show they should have just killed him off.

    –Lizzie Lehmann, Facebook

    20. Jack Shephard, Lost


    The most annoying, arrogant, demeaning nightmare in all the television I've ever seen. I truly don't believe there is a single moment in the series where he isn't intolerable. Even as he is saving people from a plane crash in the pilot, he is being condescending to the other survivors trying to help.


    21. Dean Forester, Gilmore Girls


    He was manipulative, whiny, and was 100% the reason Rory got off track.


    22. Frank Gallagher, Shameless


    That guy has absolutely no redeeming qualities. He is the worst character, ever. It's not even fun to see him onscreen. It's too bad William H. Macy plays him because William H. Macy is terrific.


    23. Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    Watching the series again as an older person, I saw the nuances more. He's quite possessive, jealous, judgmental, self-involved, self-righteous, and at times displayed moments of misogyny. He was so much harsher on Buffy and Anya when things he did were often worse, affecting others more adversely.

    –Twan LeGreet, Facebook

    24. Fox Mulder, The X-Files


    Not only is he a misogynistic prick, but he's also the most incompetent FBI employee ever. The whole "Scully, you wait here with the injured party while I go on ahead where I'll inevitably see something incredible that you won't believe because you didn't come with me" thing... like, NO, JUST FUCKING TAKE SCULLY WITH YOU. And don't even get me started on the episode where he takes A KNOWN CHILD SERIAL KILLER out of prison without permission, only to FALL ASLEEP AND LET THAT SERIAL KILLER ESCAPE. What a fucking mess.


    25. Peter Griffin, Family Guy


    He's just the worst. He's not even funny anymore, he's a complete idiot, and horrible husband and father.


    26. Dr. House, House


    I really hate House. I can't even look at Hugh Laurie's face without wanting to punch him.

    – Maria Kokora, Facebook

    27. Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project


    He's sexist, controlling, and Mindy is so much better off without him. I enjoy the show so much more without him on it.


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