Literally Just 19 Hilarious Tweets From Anna Kendrick

    Bow down, bitches.

    1. When she had this life crisis:

    2. When she was literally all of us:

    3. When she had this hilariously savage, but truthful, take:

    4. And when she hit the nail on the head again:

    5. When she knew just how hard cooking could be:

    6. When she said what we probably all thought:

    7. And when she identified with a different type of character:

    8. When she really demonstrated her love for children:

    9. When she had her back-up career planned out:

    10. When she made any weird kid feel better about themselves:

    11. When she was right on the money:

    12. When she spoke the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

    13. Time and time again:

    14. When she posed this serious question:

    15. And this one:

    16. When she had this hilarious reply:

    17. When she showed even celebs have the same life struggles:

    18. When she knew the value of true friends:

    19. And even better, when she knew the true value of wine: