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    27 Hilarious Tweets About Trying To Be An Adult

    99% of being an adult is figuring out whether you're hungry, horny or tired.

    1. When you realise there's no one there to take the lead on things:

    2. No matter how hard you look:

    3. When everything is just too damn expensive:

    4. When you realise you've either hit your peak or are past it:

    5. When you decide it's time to revert back to childhood:

    6. When you start shaking your head at today's youth:

    7. When life throws you the tough choices:

    8. But on the plus side, no one can stop you from making your own rules:

    9. Even if your own rules don't include a balanced meal plan:

    10. That's OK though, because no one can tell you how to live your life now you're so old:

    11. When it's far too easy to make simple mistakes:

    12. When you have stellar advice for future generations:

    13. When you realise you're making freakishly adult-like decisions:

    14. When you have a productive day and you really should be rewarded for simply surviving:

    15. When you know there's just some things you still need your mum for:

    16. Or when you start Googling basically EVERYTHING:

    17. And when Google answers the questions you've been too embarrassed to ask:

    18. When there's one benefit of being legal age:

    19. When you should know better but YOLO or whatever the youths say:

    20. When you honestly just feel like you're faking it:

    When your parents start talking about you being an adult and you don't want actual responsibilities

    21. When you just don't even know anymore:

    22. Because you just have too many conflicting feelings running through your weary, ageing body:

    23. When you pretend everything is going swimmingly:

    24. When things are just emotionally and physically draining...

    My assessment of being an adult so far...

    25. ...but you pretend everything is OK anyway:

    26. When you realise in some small ways you have matured:

    27. And when you finally learn how to start prioritising properly: